In Perm have fired doctors for aiding and abetting such

In Perm he was fired the nurse and the nurse working in the emergency Department therapy of GBUZ PC “MES No. 9” appeared on a workplace in an alcohol intoxication. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of health of the Perm region.

At the same time, some local media reported that doctors are unable to assist with such due to his condition.

As informs a portal “”, 53-year-old man with cancer was taken to the hospital, but the institution he was not provided any assistance for several hours. When the hospital came the wife of the patient, it became known that doctors were unable to help the man.

The woman posted the video, which captures the communication with the medical staff. In the video one of the techs says: “Your husband is sick, nothing to help him”.

As reported on the website of the regional Ministry of health, workers had been dismissed under article 81 PP.6 b Labor code of Russia (“…in connection with a single gross violation of employment duties workers, coming to work intoxicated”).