At the Bolshoi theatre for the first time will perform the Opera of Giacomo Puccini’s “Manon Lescaut”

MOSCOW, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. The first Opera premiere of the season at the Bolshoi theatre promises to be a special event in the cultural life. For the first time on the stage of the Bolshoi theater, the masterpiece of Giacomo Puccini’s “Manon Lescaut”, and the first Opera star Anna Netrebko as Manon will perform in the Bolshoi theatre.

This role for the debut on the main Russian stage chose the singer herself. Her partner, Yusif Eyvazov — a brilliant singer and husband of Donna. The premiere will take place on October 16 at the Historic theater.

Over production of the Opera “Manon Lescaut” by Puccini in Bolshoi theatre worked conductor Cores Benjamini, directed by Adolf Shapiro, the artist Maria Tregubov, the chief chorus master: Valery Borisov choreographer Tatiana Baganova.

The debut of the Maestro in the Big

For the Italian Maestro Nuclear Bignamini this is also the debut of the Large. “I’m very excited to practice in such a famous theatre with such a rich history and I am very glad that my debut will take place at the Opera one of my favorite composers, Giacomo Puccini. And I am incredibly happy that I work with Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov, who are not only great artists, but my close friends. They are great professionals and I learn much from them,” said the conductor before the premiere.

The Maestro expressed his gratitude to all creative teams who took part in the creation of the play — the artists, the orchestra and the administration.

“Of course, I would particularly like to thank the Director Adolf Shapiro, with whom we have been working together. As for the orchestra, it is not very used to performing music of such a composer as Puccini, but we did a good job, and I hope the audience will appreciate the sound of the orchestra,” — said Binyamini.

Courage Puccini

According to Benjamini, it is impossible not to appreciate the courage Puccini, undertaken to write an Opera based on the plot, which had already been created Opera by Jules Massenet.

Manon Lescaut — Puccini’s third Opera, which was created in the years 1890-1892. On a new version of the libretto was a whole group of authors. The work was finished in 1893. Premiered at the Teatro Regio in Turin in February 1893 and was a huge success.

The heroine of Puccini is very different from the heroine in Massenet’s Opera. “His Manon is French, it is a powder and minuet; my Italian, that is passion and despair” — as Puccini himself described his interpretation of the image Manon.

Nice team and creative atmosphere

“Team, I worked with the set designer Maria Tregubova (she created the fabulous white city on the stage) and choreographer Tatiana Baganova – fine, I take it was good, interesting and joyful. The cast includes such wellknown stars as Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov, but also these parties will perform a Spanish singer, Ainhoa Arteta and Italian singer Riccardo Massi. The Opera lovers will be interested to see the different vocal schools,” — said the Director Adolf Shapiro.

According to the Director, and in this agreed with him Anna and Yusif, in the theater during the production was an unusually creative and friendly atmosphere, felt a General desire to help, to make this work the best way possible.

Anna Netrebko in a Large

“I want to say what a great honor for me to serve Big. This is a great theater… I’m excited and looking forward to it. The work was wonderful, everyone in the theater helped us. Thanks to the Director that he was so patient with us, he created a wonderful show. I really like the play. I am grateful to our wonderful conductor and tenor Yusif Eyvazov,” said Netrebko.

This Opera is a landmark for this brilliant and creative family duet. As said Ayvazov, his acquaintance with Anna held in Rome, where he first sang in this Opera.

“This is one of my favorite operas of Puccini, very strong, dramatic — shared Netrebko. — I always with great joy that I sing it, especially when I have such a strong, passionate partner”.

The show will be able to see all

The first pre-premiere screenings were adopted so enthusiastically that it’s hard to imagine what a Grand success the creators of the show at the premiere. The theatre is not able to provide the opportunity to see and hear great artists to everyone.

“As soon as Opera lovers learned that Anya with Yusif will perform in this play, I broke the phone. The performances with their participation (three in all) tickets are gone. Yusif offered to do the broadcast on the channel “Culture”. We agreed, and on October 22 will be recorded, and 23 — showing”, — said on the eve of the premiere of the General Director of the Bolshoi Vladimir urin.