The Arab coalition admitted responsibility for an airstrike in Yemen

Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia admitted responsibility for an airstrike on a funeral ceremony in Yemen, which killed more than 140 people. It is reported by the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star, citing a Commission to investigate the incident.

“Because of the rules of operations and procedures and because of receiving the wrong information, the coalition aircraft mistakenly attacked the area, which resulted in the death and injury of civilians”, — quotes the edition of the conclusions of the Commission.

The coalition also assured that the perpetrators of the attacks will be punished, and the families of the victims will be paid compensation.

Attack on a mourning ceremony in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, which is under the control of rebels, the Houthis, took place on Saturday, October 8. In the airstrikes killed 140 people, more than 500 were injured. The UN has said that arrived on the scene, humanitarian workers were “shocked and outraged” what they saw and called for an immediate investigation of the incident.

The government accused the Houthis to attack the coalition, headed by Saudi Arabia. However, in the command of the air force Arabian coalition has denied any involvement in air strikes.

In turn, Washington, being an ally of Saudi Arabia, stated that it would reconsider its support to the coalition, if the allegations about her involvement in air strikes confirmed. “In light of this and other recent incidents, we initiated an immediate review of our already much reduced support of the coalition under the leadership of Saudi Arabia,” — said the official representative of national security Council at the White house, Ned Price.

A few days later after the attack of Bi-bi-si with reference to its sources reported that the Saudi authorities have privately acknowledged that one of the aircraft headed by Riyadh coalition took part in strikes on funerals in Sana’a. Officials in the British government in an interview with Bi-bi-si has noted that London is going to send a group of lawyers and military investigators to monitor the investigation into the incident.