The Ministry of transport explained the fees for crossing the border

YEREVAN, October 14 — RIA Novosti/Prime. The issue of payment for the vehicles for passage through Russian border crossings being studied, but to charge individuals is not planned, told reporters transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

The newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources previously wrote that the Ministry of transport proposed to introduce a fee for use of road and rail crossings across the border, to offset the costs of their service. According to the newspaper, officials suggest to impose a vehicle fee, depending on its category (light or heavy trucks), trains will have to pay for each ton of cargo.

“The issue of fees is examined as part of a shared integrated approach only with respect to vehicles, does not involve the charging of fees to individuals and is not a matter of the nearest future. In any case, it will first be a thorough expert legal and economic assessment, public discussion,” — said Sokolov.

The Minister added that the question of reform the content and development of border crossing points is studied following the meeting of the state border Commission, which was held in August.

“Current status of border crossing points, as well as the pace of modernization and development must comply with the requirements of the economy and meet the demand of citizens for fast and comfortable crossing the border,” he explained.

According to the Ministry of transport, primarily at checkpoints at the border need to accelerate the procedure of state control, to eliminate the waiting list and to reduce idle time of transport. To solve these problems, officials believe, will help the electronic part.

In addition, the authorities are considering the question of extension of the list of kinds of economic activities and commercial services are permitted at crossing points that will allow to receive additional income. In addition to duty free, officials may permit on the border the work of logistics services, pharmacies, ATMs, capsule hotels and other companies.

“This set of measures should be the motivation to attract extra-budgetary investment and various forms of private investment projects development of border crossing points that are most in demand today,” — said the Minister.