The court dismissed the assault case ex-official of the municipality for the girl on the Arbat

The Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on security Anton Tsvetkov, a former adviser to the Deputy mayor, businessman back matais and the victim of the actions of the former official of the government of Moscow of Erast Matayev Eugene Khrapov (left to right) after a press conference on the incident with the beating of a woman on the Arbat, 21 Jul 2016

The criminal case against ex-adviser of the mayoralty of Moscow of Erast Matayev, who was accused of assaulting a girl on the Old Arbat, was closed by court order. About it reports “RIA Novosti” from the courtroom.

“To terminate the criminal proceedings due to reconciliation of the parties”, — quotes the decision of judge Eugene Naydenov Agency.

The victim, who ex-official was beaten at the end of June, she was asked to stop business, the Agency reports. She said that the defendant apologized and reimbursed her for moral and material damage.

“The moral damage is compensated in full, she has no claim. If it is necessary for the Protocol, the sum amounted to 50 thousand rubles”, — said the girl’s lawyer Stalin Gurevich. She also noted that the Matai has paid compensation for a phone he smashed in the conflict.

He Mataev pleaded guilty, adding that repents of deeds. However, the Prosecutor asked to dismiss the case, said “RIA Novosti”.

The incident occurred on June 25 when the girl on the Arbat tried to use my phone a BMW that was driving on a pedestrian street. After that she was attacked by the passenger of a foreign car. The man got out of the car, smashed the phone and, according to witnesses, repeatedly struck the girl.

As the Prosecutor in the course of the hearing, the man struck the girl “kick in the lower back”, and then “elbow”, then started “pulling the victim’s hair” than “caused her severe pain,” according to “RIA Novosti”

It later emerged that the attacker was a former Advisor to the Deputy mayor and the Director of the state institution “Azenergo” when the Department of health capital Erast Mataev.

A former official of the mayoralty of Moscow on July 21 brought the girl a public apology and admitted guilt. During the press conference, which was broadcast by TASS, he explained his action “triggered an emotional compass.” Also Mataev said he was willing to compensate the girl for moral damages.