Putin ratified the agreement on the Russian air group in Syria

A Russian su-24 landing at the air base in Syria Hamim

The head of state signed the document ratifying the agreement on the indefinite location of the air group of the Russian Armed forces on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, informs the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press service of the Kremlin. Earlier in favor of the ratification of the document voted by the state Duma and the Federation Council.

The bill on ratification of the agreement was signed last year, but the President made it to the state Duma only in early August of this year. The vote in the lower house occurred after the US decided to suspend cooperation with Russia on Syria.

In accordance with the agreement, aircraft of the Russian air group located in Syria at the request of the authorities of that country that provides “free of charge” Hamim airport in Latakia province.

In accordance with the document the personnel of the air group should not be inspected the Syrian border guards and customs officers, and the import and export of arms and any equipment carried out without collection of charges and fees. In addition, the agreement stipulates that the Syrian side makes no claims of Russia, its air group and its personal composition and does not excite them against any lawsuits in connection with their activities.

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The agreement is for an indefinite period. It is terminated at the expiration of one year from the date of receipt of the notice of one of the parties of its intention to terminate this document.

“The agreement was signed over a year ago, but its ratification is a long time out of the question for the reason that Moscow did not want to create the impression that the Russian aerospace forces are in Syria for a long time, it would be contrary to official rhetoric,” the RBC said Alexander Shumilin, Director of the center for analysis of middle East conflicts of the Institute of USA and Canada studies. However, by the beginning of October, the expert explained, the situation has changed dramatically, and the rate now is not on diplomacy, but on the power, or rather, “at the mention of power factor”.