Police, eliminate militants in the CBD, will receive awards

MOSCOW, October 14 — RIA Novosti. The police officers who took part in the search and elimination of militants in Kabardino-Balkaria will be presented to the awards, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

Informed in National antiterrorist Committee reported that law enforcement officials on Thursday evening tried to stop for check of documents the car on the road Yanikoy — Lechinkay. In response to being in the car opened fire and tried to escape, but was neutralized. The NAC pointed out that the liquidated militants were preparing a terrorist attack on the anniversary of the attack on Nalchik in 2005.

“The leadership of the MIA for Kabardino-Balkar Republic will apply for awarding state and departmental awards four employees of the Department actively participate in the search and elimination of armed criminals responsible for the murder of inspectors of traffic police”, — said the Wolf.