In Egypt after the attack, militants killed 12 soldiers

In the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt in an armed attack of radical Islamists on the post CAT killed 12 soldiers and 8 members of the checkpoint were wounded, reports Associated Press with reference to the official representatives in the medical community and the law enforcement source.

According to sources, the attack occurred 80 km to the East of the Suez canal, near the town of bir El-Abd. Between the guards and opened fire on the checkpoint militants gunfire using small arms and heavy machine guns. Initially wounded the Egyptian military was taken in bir-El-Abd for first aid, later they moved to El Arish. As reports Reuters referring to the Egyptian military, the loss of the rebels amounted to 15 people.

In addition, the officials told AP that the early members of the local Islamist organization “Emarat Sinai”, previously sworn allegiance to the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”, was not involved in the attacks on the Egyptian military. According to them, “Emarat Sinai” war on the territory bordering Israel and the Gaza strip.

Occurred on Friday, October 14, the attack was the first major conflict in which they can be suspect, they said. Reuters said that the incident on the Egyptian CAT was the first major terrorist attack in this part of the Peninsula, which before had been attacked by Islamists. The sources of the Agency suspect in the incident that the terrorists of ISIS (banned in Russia).

The anti-terrorist operation in Egypt’s Northern Sinai has been ongoing for about two years. There, according to the Egyptian military, based extremist groups. Militant attacks on representatives of law and order in Northern Sinai occur almost daily. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the region, suffered hundreds of soldiers.