For the first time since Soviet times Russia comes in the Estonian national Opera

MOSCOW, October 14 — RIA Novosti. For the first time since Soviet times in Russia with a tour coming Estonian national Opera. From 14 to 16 October, the Estonian company will present its performances at the Moscow theater “Helikon-Opera”. The audience will see the Opera Gounod’s “Faust” and the ballet “the Goblin” Tubin. This was reported by RIA Novosti press-service of “Helikon-Opera”.

Exchange tour

The Estonian national Opera in the framework of the Moscow tour will be shown on stage of “Helikon-Opera” ballet “the Goblin” Eduard Tubin and the Opera “Faust” by Charles Gounod. A return visit to Estonia will come “Helikon-Opera”. The Moscow troupe will show in Tallinn Opera Roman-Korsakova “the Imperial bride”. Performances will take place on 13 and 15 October. In addition, in the framework of exchange tours in both capitals will host the gala concerts of the two theatres on 14 October in Tallinn and October 15 in Moscow.

Culture unites

The Estonian national Opera and “Helikon-Opera” have a long and creative friendship. Joint projects of theatres demonstrated repeatedly that the arts are the boundaries that culture unites people of different countries and nationalities, despite political differences.

Artistic Director of “Helikon-Opera” Dmitry Bertman has long been cooperating with the Estonian national Opera, where he staged several productions, including the antifascist Opera “Wallenberg” Estonian composer Erkki-Sven tuira. For this work, Bertman was awarded the State prize of Estonia. “Helikon-Opera” has performed at the national Opera and took part in the festival “Birgitta”.

Opera “Faust”

On Friday, October 14, the Moscow audience will see for the first time the production has staged the Opera “Faust” (production 2012) performed by the Estonian Opera company. Along with the Director worked on the performance: the artist ene-lees Semper, musical Director of the famous conductor Vello Pahi from Estonia. Involved in the performance of the Estonian Opera chorus, chorus master: Elmo Thisworld.

Among the performers of the main roles — Oliver Kuusik (young Faust), Pavlo Balakin (Mephistopheles), Maria Titova (Margaret).

The duet of two capitals

On the same day, October 14, in Tallinn on the stage of Estonian national Opera will host a gala concert “Duet of two capitals” by soloists, chorus and orchestra of “Helikon-Opera”. Director — Dmitry Bertman, conductor — Maestro Evgeny Brazhnik.

Saturday, October 15, “the Duet of two capitals”, which will bring together Estonian and Russian singers, dancers and musicians will be on stage of “Helikon-Opera” in Moscow. The concert will feature Kristi muhling singer on channeli, Estonian stringed instrument, and the organist Ashot Drnoyan-Bobruisk, as well as the choir and the national ballet of Estonia. Conductor Vello Pahi.

The Ballet “The Goblin”

Tour will end with the screening of the ballet “the Goblin” (Brownie). At the heart of this ballet — Estonian folklore, where, and taken the character of the Goblin. Premiered in 1943 in theater Vanemuine in Tartu. Choreographer Director was IDA Urbel. The ballet is based entirely on folk music. On the stage of Estonian national Opera “Goblin” was first staged in 2015. Choreographer Marina Kesler, libretto: Elfriede Saarik, music Director — Vello Pahi.

Painting and sculpture

In the framework of the tour in the foyer of Zimin in “Helikon-Opera” will present the exhibition of painting and sculpture from Estonia with the work of Tiu Viljasaar and Tauno Kangro. Tiu Viljasaar — former Consul of Estonia in Russia, who for many years combined service in the Embassy with the painting, will present the theatre of a series of Moscow landscapes.

Sculptor Tauno Kangro is an expert on urban monuments and land art, brought to Moscow a refined bronze plastic, dedicated to music and theatre. The sculptor would work in the foyer of “Helikon-Opera” on 15 and 16 October, creating to the eyes of the sculptural portraits of artists of the theater.