Assad spoke about similar to the cold war confrontation over Syria

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad believes that the confrontation that arose in the world because of the situation in Syria, like the cold war. This opinion he expressed in an interview with the special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Daria Aslamova.

“Today we are seeing a situation similar to the cold war in the development stage. It’s something that appeared recently, because I think that the West and especially the United States didn’t stop the cold war even after the collapse of the USSR,” — said Assad on the question of a journalist about whether the conflict in Syria be the beginning of a Third world war.

“So this smell of war, which you describe as the Third world war, is felt in the air,” said Assad, noting that the collision is not direct, “although it has a military, terrorist and political component”.

At the same time, Assad agreed with the statement that the war in Syria was a direct conflict between Russia and the United States.

“Yes, for the simple reason that… Russia wants to fight terrorism, not only over Syria, and not only because Russia itself. She fights for the whole region for the whole of Europe and for the world. The Russians understand that terrorism has been growing steadily since then, as Americans since the war in Afghanistan in the early eighties to the present day believe that terrorism is a trump card you can always throw on the table,” said Assad.

Moscow and Washington different ideologies and different approaches, that is why, according to Assad, “Russian-American conflict is natural.”

Explaining why Syria “has become an important stage of this war,” Assad first mentioned the good relations between Damascus and Tehran, who “wants to destroy” US ally Saudi Arabia. And the destruction of Syria “will have a negative impact on Iran” and also “negative impact on Russia,” said Asad.

The second aspect he called a “historic role” of Syria, which “for centuries has been a source of geopolitical dynamics in the middle East”. “Therefore, the control of Syria since the times of the pharaohs — before Christ — was extremely important. Syria used to fight — and the pharaohs, and the Hittites. It’s a historical basis. Because Syria is strategically placed at the Mediterranean, and here is the dividing line between different cultures. That is why the control of Syria is important for control over the entire region,” Assad said.

Another reason is that Syria is an independent country, the President added. “The West will never accept the independence of any country, whether it’s little Syria, or a great Russia,” — said Assad.