Reported about a bomb on the plane “Aeroflot” in Geneva said that was joking

GENEVA, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti, Elizabeth Isakov. A bomb threat on Board the aircraft “Aeroflot”, flying from Geneva, turned out to be false, reported to journalists the press-Secretary of Prosecutor’s office of Geneva Henry della Casa.

“The man who reported the threat, was arrested at the scene. In police interview the man admitted that the threat was false, citing a joke,” he said.

Della Casa said that the Geneva Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the men.

Flight of Aeroflot from Geneva 2381 was supposed to fly to Moscow at 12.35 local time, however, the airline representative told RIA Novosti that the plane was inspected at the airport after a call about a bomb threat. Passengers aboard the aircraft were delivered to the terminal for further inspection. The caller was apprehended by the police.

The airline “Aeroflot” has declared that all passengers of the delayed flight will be able to return to Moscow later flight, which must depart from Geneva at 21.50 (22.50 GMT).

This is not the first time false reports of a bomb threat at the airport of Geneva. In late July, the 41-year-old Frenchwoman of Turkish origin living in Annecy, said that in the building of the airport has the bomb. The message proved to be false, but the Prosecutor’s office of Geneva filed against women a criminal case. The results of the investigation by the Metropolitan police, which carried out the inspection of the airport, put her through for his work in the amount of 90 thousand Swiss francs (nearly 6 million).