Mogulist the Russian team were on the plane, which was detained in Geneva

MOSCOW, 13 Oct – R-Sport, Veronica Stolbunova. Russian national team on freestyle in the discipline Mogul, was aboard the flight who were detained in Geneva after the call about the bomb; and the team are fine, at the moment she is at the airport, said the Agency “R-Sport” head coach of the national team Alexander Dolgov.

Flight of Aeroflot from Geneva 2381 was supposed to fly to Moscow at 12:35 local time. However, the airline representative told RIA Novosti that the plane was inspected at the airport after a call about a bomb threat. Passengers aboard the aircraft were delivered to the terminal for further inspection. The caller was apprehended by the police.

Russian mogulist gathered in the Swiss Zermatt from 23 September to 13 October.

“Mogulist (team Russia) were on the plane in Geneva, the departure of which was delayed. The plane launched from the runway. With the team all right, now they are at the airport,” said Debts on the phone.

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