China will join Hawking and Milner in search of aliens

MOSCOW, 13 Dec – RIA Novosti. National astronomical Observatory of China joins the initiative of the Breakthrough Listen, in which leading world scientists plan to look for signals from aliens in outer space, the press service of the Fund Breakthrough Initiatives.

“Are we alone? This issue encompasses the entire planet. And the task of finding an answer to this question should be solved also at the global level. This agreement will allow us to find brothers in mind from using the three largest telescopes in the world, located on three different continents,” said Yuri Milner, whose words the press service of the Fund.

At the end of July last year, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and the British cosmologist Stephen Hawking has launched the initiative a Breakthrough Listen, in which Milner will allocate $ 100 million to support the project of search for extraterrestrial civilizations, which will be built on the basis of developments SETI.

One of the first actions of this project was the opening contest of the Breakthrough Message, in which Milner and his associates invited scientists from around the world to formulate a short message to the aliens that helped us to find extraterrestrial life method “on the contrary” by her notice of our existence. The prize Fund is one million US dollars.

At the end of September, China officially announced the beginning of the largest telescope of the Earth – a 500-meter radiomarelli FAST, which are superior in sensitivity and capabilities of the 305-meter radio telescope, “Arecibo”, Puerto Rico, the previous record for size.

After the construction of the FAST was completed, the leadership Breakthrough Listen invited the National astronomical Observatory of China, to operate FAST, to join the project to search for extraterrestrial life.

Director NAOK, Jun Yang (Jun Yan), has accepted this offer and together with Peter Worden (Worden, Peter), Executive Director of Breakthrough Listen, have signed a cooperation agreement and the launch of a joint observation of possible traces of extraterrestrial life.

In addition to FAST, in the framework of Breakthrough Listen will take part two of the telescope – the Parkes radio Observatory in Australia and telescope at green banks (USA).