In Moscow will open the ethnographic farmstead of the writer Prilepin

MOSCOW, 12 APR – RIA Novosti. Farm Zakhar Prilepin, Russian analogue of Drvengrad, film Director Emir Kusturica, intend to open in Moscow in the autumn of 2017, said the writer Wednesday.

“A year ago we did a festival Tradition, where were our companions, for minimal money and free. We wanted to gather people of similar beliefs – and it is actually one thing people who cherish Russian and which do not aim their lives settling of accounts with the earth. Since then they ask why you are so rarely going to?” — said Park at a press conference in MIA “Russia today”.

According to the writer, so the idea of a “year-round festival”, a certain space, which will gather creative people – the Russian analogue of the ethnographic village of Drvengrad, in Serbia. It is planned that this will be the Park hotel, creating the atmosphere of a Russian village with a traditional way.

“The farm will be opened tentatively in the autumn of 2017, the first object will be the hotel and I think bath, I love bath. And the first event will begin in the summer of 2017”, — told reporters the Prilepin.

To clarify the investors of the project, the hotel will have 12 rooms, after her build a hut-reading room. The farm is also expected to create a business cluster, tourist center, cultural and experimental space, which will become the meeting place of guests from writers, actors, artists, musicians.

The curator of the literature program will be the Prilepin, music – Alexander F. Sklyar.

“I really liked this idea because I am a big fan of the village Kusturica, though haven’t been there even once, but read a lot. Seemed right to do on the farm Prilepin and even a music Studio where was recorded the young guys, and we gave them a life of their own. I made a proposal to be a music consultant in the village Prilepin,” said Sklar.

Now considered three locations for farms in the suburbs – two in the Odintsovo district and one in Istra.