The Gulag Museum will submit a statement to the police to hang an effigy Solzhenitsyn

The Gulag history Museum intends to prosecute hung an effigy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn activists, told “Interfax” the Director of the Museum of Roman Romanov.

He spoke about the intention to contact the police. “We have a recording from surveillance cameras and information on the website of this organization that they held. All grounds for appeal we have,” — said the Director of the Museum, adding that the incident may be regarded as “hooliganism”. The decision was taken after consultation with lawyers.

Earlier in interview to “Echo of Moscow” Romanov said that the administration of the Museum decided not to go to the police because they saw no threat to the work of Museum in connection with the incident.

The Museum Director noted that the other incidents were not, and the Museum continues its work in normal mode.

On Saturday, October 8, at the entrance to the Museum members of the Revolutionary communistic Union of youth (rcuy) hung an effigy with a portrait of the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Press Secretary of the Museum of Anna Robaco reported that two young men hung on the fence, the Scarecrow, and then immediately disappeared. The guards of Gulag history Museum shot the Scarecrow in a few minutes.

On attached to the dummy plate Solzhenitsyn has been called “the first enemy”, “brauchen us about the GULAG”, and also stated that the writer “mocked the truth.”

On the website of the Komsomol issued a statement about “the action at the Moscow Museum of the Gulag”. It States that the intention to call 2018 “year of creativity of this author [Alexander Solzhenitsyn]” is “an attempt to cover up its political failure, crackdown and discord in the state.”