Average check of Russians in one visit to the store in September amounted to 528 roubles

MOSCOW, October 11 – RIA Novosti/Prime. Check average inhabitant of Russia in one trip to the store in September rose 6%, or 30 rubles compared with August and amounted to 528 rubles, according to the press release of the research holding “ROMIR”.

“Compared to last year’s values for a check, even without considering inflation, is still on the weak positions,” the study says. So, compared to September 2015 average check decreased by 3.1% — while the figure was 545 rubles. In September 2014, the average check was around 555 rubles.

Holding notes that a significant contribution to the growth of the average check in the whole country made the inhabitants of the Central region of Russia headed by the Muscovites have increased their spending by 9.7% compared to August. In the result, the average check of a resident of the Central Federal district amounted to 600 roubles (plus of 10.5% compared to August), North-West 614 rubles (plus 7%), South – 520 rubles (plus 1.8%).

The average resident of the Volga in September for a trip to the store spent 456 rubles, which is 3.4% more than in August of the current year, a resident of the Urals — 429 rubles (plus 12%). The average check of citizens of Siberia decreased by 0.2% to 450 rubles, the Far East – by 2.2%, to 544 rubles.

In September, the average check rose in all retail channels. The best growth performance showed hypermarkets, where the index increased by 11.3%. “In other types of shops check rose, but a little more modest: 5.4% at discounters, 6.7% in supermarkets and by 7% in the shops of traditional Commerce”, — added in the message.

The study “ROMIR” is based on consumption data 35 thousand Russians, 13.5 thousand of 181 households in the town with a population over 10 thousand people. Participants in the scan panel to scan the barcodes of all purchased goods we bring home. Scan data in online mode is transferred to the database of the study.