Tusk urged the EU to extend sanctions against Russia

BRUSSELS, 10 Okt – news, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. The head of the European Council Donald Tusk said that he considered it necessary to extend existing sanctions against Russia, including because of the situation in Syria.

“As you know, we have extended our sanctions in June, from June until now, nothing has changed. In fact, the situation has become worse if we look at what the Russians are doing in Aleppo in Syria,” — said Tusk, speaking at a conference in the German Passau. The conference is broadcast on the website of the organizers.

He said that “some European politicians have demonstrated a typical Western misconception when they invited Russia to Syria, to solve the problem in Syria.”

“Now we have a new problem. I don’t think I should describe the situation in Aleppo. But for me, it is obvious that today the only way is to extend sanctions against Russia, otherwise it would be a surrender,” said the President of the European Council.

Earlier, the economic sanctions of the EU against Russia were extended until the end of January 2017.