The Dalai Lama believes the Buddhist center in Moscow to be a scientific

RIGA, October 10 – RIA Novosti, Olga Lipic. The research approach needs to be in any teaching, and if Moscow ever organize a Buddhist center, it must be scientific, said the Dalai Lama, responding in Riga to questions from the audience of his teachings.

“If Buddhists in Moscow could organize such a center, it must be scientific. That it was possible to study Buddhist philosophy and to hold meetings of representatives of different religious denominations and scholars who discuss what they have in common,” said the Dalai Lama in response to the question of how to help different Buddhist communities in the Russian capital to negotiate and finally to build the first temple.

According to him, the Buddhist approach to life itself is very similar to scientific.

“Buddha said that need to explore his word, and not blindly and literally believing. If the word Buddha will not stand the study of logic — you cannot take it directly, literally. Only if you gain confidence in the benefits of that doctrine, he needs to follow,” said the Dalai Lama and called for a scientific approach in any teaching.

He said that a few decades ago began a dialogue with the scientists of the West — and they learned a lot about each other, discovered many points of contact between Buddhist ideas with modern science. This is especially true of neurophysiology and quantum physics.

“In Buddhist monasteries now open classes in modern scientific disciplines. The monks of the older generation it is difficult. But I think gradually it will become the practice of most Buddhist monasteries. And I think if scientists studied more Buddhist approach would be beneficial. Especially with regard to learning about the mind, consciousness, philosophy”, — said the spiritual leader.

On the teachings of world-renowned spiritual leader in the huge hall of the Riga’s “Skonto” were about 4.5 thousand people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and also from Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, USA and other countries. In the hall you could see well-known politicians and artists, among them Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Boris Grebenshchikov, Valentin Gaft. The organizers of the Riga teachings of the Dalai Lama, addressed the society “Save Tibet” (Riga), Fund “Save Tibet” (Moscow) and the Center of Tibetan culture and information (Moscow).