Scientists in three months will make a 3D model of the bottom of the karst Blue lake

NALCHIK, October 10 — RIA Novosti. Scientists from the expedition of the Russian geographical society (RGS), which since mid-September, carried out a large-scale study of the deep Blue karst lakes in the Chereksky district of Kabardino-Balkaria, three months will make a 3D model of the bottom of the reservoir, reported the press service of the head region.

Blue lake, located in the Cherek district of Kabardino-Balkaria, comprise a group of reservoirs of karst origin. The lower lake has a constant water temperature of 9.3 degrees, located at an altitude of 809 metres above sea level. The approximate depth of the lake is fed by underground waters, is 250 metres away.

In mid-September, RGS expedition began the exploration of the lake, mapping its underwater part. For this work we used advanced deep-sea technology and equipment, in particular, four modern submarine, able to descend to great depths.

“On Monday at a meeting with members of government KBR, the Executive Director of the Center for undersea research of the RGS Sergei Fokin announced the interim results of scientific research. According to him, in the next three months will complete work on drawing up a 3D model of the lake bottom, summarized and processed the obtained data of laboratory researches of soil, water and minerals from different depths and the flora and fauna of the pond” — said in the message.

Examination of the topography of the lake showed the presence of numerous caves and tunnels related to a single sub system. As noted Fokin, the water comes from almost all the surfaces of the soil. Daily inflow recorded at the level of 70 thousand cubic meters. In addition, found in the lake algae are rare in the Caucasian region.