Scientists have uncovered the lobbying “conspiracy” gazirovanye companies in the United States

MOSCOW, 10 Oct – RIA Novosti. Two of the largest U.S. companies engaged in the production of carbonated drinks, donated money 96 to healthcare organizations in the United States during the last five years, which slowed down the process reducing the consumption of soda in America and accelerated the obesity epidemic, say scientists from the University of Boston.

“These companies used their good relations with these organizations in order to create a positive image of their brands. In addition, they can use the fact of investing in these organizations for the neutralization of laws aimed at reducing consumption of soda. As a result, health care structures do not protect society, and become unwitting partners in the corporate PR strategy that undermines the health of the inhabitants of the country,” said Daniel Aaron (Daniel Aaron) from the University of Boston (USA).

Aaron and his colleague Michael Siegel (Michael Siegel) stated in his article published in the scientific journal American Journal of Preventive Medicine, for the last five years two American companies – Coca-Cola and PepsiCo – have blocked or fought a campaign against the 28 bills aimed at reduction of consumption of soda or enhance the power of ordinary Americans.

Siegel and Aaron came to this conclusion after analyzing all the chains sponsor and donor relations, which the two companies support different public and non-governmental organizations dealing with health and other problems associated with human health.

In total, as shown by their study, Coca-Cola spends over six million dollars on lobbying, PepsiCo about three million. Other organizations manufacturing or associated with sodas, spend several times less.

The relationship between these companies and their sponsored organizations, as scholars have noted, similar to what occurs between tobacco and alcohol corporations and beneficiaries of their “philanthropic” activities. For example, in 2010 non-governmental organization Save the Children, speaking with the idea of establishing a tax on soda, ceased to promote this idea once in 2009, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo had paid its representatives five million dollars.

Moreover, two major diabetes organization, USA American diabetes society and the research Fund children’s diabetes proved to be financially affiliated with these companies, Aaron Siegel, and “felt extremely strange, because between the diabetes and soda no doubt. According to the authors of the report, similar relations developed with other NGOs.

In General, scientists have concluded that the lobbying activities of these companies directly harms the health of the nation and contributes to the obesity epidemic, which in the US bought a fantastic scale. Therefore, they recommend that NGOs to refuse sponsorship contracts with Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, if these structures really want to improve the health of ordinary citizens of the United States.