Beauty on the run: how to build a business on the eyebrows

Salon Brow Up in one of the shopping centers in Moscow


“Trendsetter is, of course, America! There to have his brow is a must! It is impossible to imagine that the fashionable American woman from Los Angeles today make your eyebrows at the beautician, and tomorrow will be asked to do random eyebrow makeup artist in a salon,” says the founder of the network Browbar Anastasiya Belyak.

A graduate of MGIMO and the Moscow state University Anastasiya Belyak and Elena Kirichenko opened his first salon in September 2014. To learn girls went to the Creator of the popular brow brand Anastasia beverly hills Anastasia soiree.

For two years the girls opened two stores in Moscow and Zhukovka, found franchisee in Baku and Monaco. Initially focused on Moscow elite, chose the appropriate location on Malaya Nikitskaya. The market was empty, says Anastasiya Belyak. Of course, “make eyebrows” could have promomasters in the luxury cosmetics or in regular beauty, but it needs to be recorded, and many salons are eyebrow generally not offered as a separate service.

The idea of bro-bars that the procedure can be done on the run, for 10-20 minutes, and cosmetics experts versed in the care of the eyebrows. The average check in Moscow Browbar is about 2-3 thousand rubles. (for example, one procedure “laminating eyebrows” will cost 5.1 thousand rubles). The first salon was paid back in only four months, says Whitey.

Abroad, the first brow bars began to appear in the early 2000s, and some entrepreneurs have managed to create eyebrows on a large business. So, in 2003, the American Indian origin of Rome Khan along with her husband opened his first Studio Shapes in one of the shopping centers of Chicago. By 2016, the network has grown to 58 outlets in 18 States, where it employs 350 people. Today, the company is estimated at $14 million.

In 2004, a serial entrepreneur from Singapore, the owner of the studios waxing, Cynthia Chua opened the first brow bar, Browhaus at home, in October of 2011 reached London and then new York. Today, the brand operates 31 monosson in nine cities around the world.

Eyebrows and money

120 customers — record customer service per day at the point BrowUp

$Of 132.4 million accounted for the care of eyebrows, which is 11% of $1.2 billion — of the total global market for eye makeup

The £20 million made up the market of care of eyebrows in the UK in 2015, compared to 6.5 million in 2010

The founder of the American brow-bars, the Shapes of Rome, the Khan made the correction thread 53 pairs of eyebrows in 12 minutes, this result was in the Guinness Book of records

£200 per year on average Briton spends on caring for eyebrows

$117 is a service to restore eyebrows in the salon Browhaus

Source: NDP,, Shapes BrowBar, BrowUp, Browhaus

Beautiful vestmentof justice

“Well-groomed eyebrows — is the Foundation of the face makeup” — says Veronika Sidorova. When she was a PR specialist at MSU, I often visited friends in c a beauty to make correction of eyebrows. However, the makeup artists were not happy about annoying students. “We were told: girls want makeup, come do, and to do only eyebrows for 550 rubles, which even in the price list has not been spelled out, they weren’t interested,” recalls Williams. Then she first thought about mini-salons specializing exclusively on the eyebrows.

<p>the founder of the Brow Up&nbsp;Veronika Sidorova</p>


Photo: Stanislav Novogorodtsev for RBC


The Founder Of The Brow Up Veronika Sidorova

However, for a start, she decided to study the industry from the inside. Got a brand Manager in a prestigious salon Aldo Coppola. For two years, a graduate of Moscow state University has grown to the head of Department of four people was responsible for working with partners and the development of the brand.

In 2014 she returned to the idea with monosilane. “I resent that you can come to any shopping center and make it ten nails. And the eyebrows-is only two, but there is no way to sign up and get to the normal wizard,” says Sidorov.

Unlike Whitey and Kirichenko, Sidorov decided to build a network in the affordable segment and to place the points in the shopping centers average it is 1.5 thousand rubles. “I realized that I need shopping centers with good traffic and minimal competition beauty services in the County. Therefore spent whole days in shopping malls, considering how many girls passed by, — says the entrepreneur. I’ve had three of what I call the business plan: pessimistic, neutral and optimistic”. In the end, the pace of development of the network, according to her, was more than optimistic.

The father of Veronika Sidorova, Basil Fedorchenko, President and General Director of “national energy company” in thing daughter didn’t believe — he agreed to counseling, but the money is not returned. Sidorov said that the investor of the project became “a friend of the family engaged in real estate development”.

According to SPARK, now Veronika Sidorova six belongs to OOO: “brow up”, “brow style”, “brow perfect”, “Brou make”, “brow line” “brow design”, in each of which it owns 50%, the second half of Samvel Stepanian, son of the founder of the group “stinkom” Gennady Stepanyan, co-owner TTS “Yerevan Plaza” and several other buildings in Moscow.

On the first point Brow Up in “Yerevan Plaza”, which opened in may 2014, it took 2 million rubles Funds spent on the first and last months rent, Deposit, construction of the pavilion in the shopping center, purchase of equipment, supplies and payroll. The main item of expense was the rent — about 500 thousand rubles. per month for 20 sq. m.

“Before the opening we made a large-scale photo session with participation of the Moscow IT-girls (stars of social media. — RBC‘s) from my friends, — says the entrepreneur. — Helped communications, gained in Aldo Coppola: model, participated in the shooting, posted a photo to his rather popular instagram accounts”. On the return of the salon came out over three months, and its revenue amounted to about 1 million rubles.per month.

“Inexperience in the first salons I bought a relatively cheap equipment — I tried to save, but eventually lost more: I had to buy more, change some elements because of the wizard complained about the inconvenience,” — said Sidorov.

Thanks to the support Stepanian, the network has developed rapidly: a new point was opened almost every three months. Sidorov recalls that at some points she’s had to clean, as the company could not hire cleaners.

Today, in addition to the eight outlets in Moscow Brow Up developing the franchise in Kazan and Alma-ATA. In addition, Sidorova became a distributor of brand Billion Dollar Brows. According to SPARK, the turnover of the companies Sidorova in 2015 was 69.78 million rubles and brought a profit of 1.96 million RUB. Entrepreneur itself is modest in assessing their income. The company argued that the total revenues amounted to RUB 58 million, and the profit is not disclosed.

“The Russian approach is that in contrast to Western saloons we are not about destruction, but rather about creating the illusion of volume thick brows,” says the founder of the Brow Up. With the idea of Russian beauty, she is going to enter the American market and the UAE market — negotiating with franchisees.


The Siberian approach

While Moscow Brou-bars are going to go abroad, entrepreneurs from Novosibirsk to successfully sell a franchise brand Brow bar in Russia. Today point work under this brand in Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-don, Tomsk, Moscow, Omsk, Sochi, and Yalta. No relation to the Browbar Anastasiya Belyak and Elena Kirichenko, this project has not.

He also started in 2014 in Novosibirsk, when the makeup artist and participant of beauty contests Ekaterina Illarionova looking for a cheap but promising way to go on the beauty market.

About their own business as an engineer Ekaterina Illarionova thought in 2010, when her second daughter was born, “I realized that they are no longer able to work full-time in the office and decided to retrain as a makeup artist to have the opportunity to work on yourself.” The businesswoman has become not just a painting of others, and participated in beauty contests. So, at the contest “Mrs. Novosibirsk-2011” she got the title of “2nd Vice-Mrs.”.

Together with his partner Natalia Shalimova she decided to open her beauty salon. That investment helped the husband, who owned a chain of salons in the repair and sale of mobile phones. But it soon became clear that traditional salons require investments of several million rubles, to repel which can be years. The solution was in the format of small brow-bars, with whom Catherine had met during a trip to Milan. Money to run requires several times less and the proceeds are comparable.

To get to the popular Novosibirsk TTS “Aura” was not easy. “I wrote about 80 letters to the management of the shopping center, but no one took me seriously,” — says Illarionov. But the yield was found: the entrepreneur bought the business from friends on weaving of KOs, located on the second floor of the same shopping center, fashion Express braids in Novosibirsk at that time has already passed. Illarionov instead of pigtails began to offer styling, makeup and grooming eyebrows. If it were possible to agree with the TC directly, the first opening would have been cheaper, but in the end she spent about 1 million

Initially, Novosibirsk format not accepted: nobody wanted to “direct beauty” in the shopping centre came only longtime clients, with whom Ekaterina and Natalia worked on freelance. The representative of the administration of TTS even gloated: “We told you nothing will happen!” The thing saved is. Catherine ordered promotional material on the website of the popular urban publication, where he spoke about fashionable foreign format Brou-bars. It worked: after that article went client, want to do makeup. If in the first month of the point operating at a loss, the second went into a plus, and four completely recouped the investment. “The most popular services — the design and coloring eyebrows for 600 rubles. and evening make-up cost from 1,000 rubles.” — said Illarionov.

Six months later, the administration of the shopping center turned to Illarionova with the offer to rent another spot. So there is another Brow bar in pavilion on the ground floor, which is focused on VIP-clients. In 2015, Illarionov took part in the exhibition of franchising, which was held in Novosibirsk. Unusual brand interested in a few of the guests and the creators of the brand made a casting of future franchisees.

Today, the brand of the Novosibirsk Brow bar is open seven points Illarionova and 15 studios franchisees in nine cities of Russia. According to Darina Isakova, responsible for working with franchisees, the network offers four packages franchises cost from 100 thousand to 800 thousand rubles. Turnover of one point is an average of 1.5 million rubles. And about 30% of revenue generated by sales of cosmetics for eyebrows under their own brand. Scientists from Akademgorodok developed for network Illarionova brow gel and oil.

According to Svetlana vereshagino, franchised Brow bar in Tomsk, the reality is somewhat different from the promises of a brand owner. “In Novosibirsk they literally blew up the market and in just two years has created a network of their outlets and studios franchisee, but in Tomsk, everything develops slowly. We were lucky that we opened our first Brow bar in Tomsk — the catch of their clients. But two posts here would have been closely,” she says. Average check in Tomsk does not exceed 700 rubles., and expenses for employees comparable to larger cities for a year and Svetlana have not yet recaptured their investment. Business will grow only if the capital’s fashion gets to the Siberian hinterland.

New “fast” concept on the beauty market appear constantly. For example, a married couple Natalia and Oleg Sychkova opened in early fall of 2016 in the shopping center “Aviapark” “Bar styles” — monosson specializing in quick hair. The idea of the family assembled in the USA, and from there he borrowed the name Dry go. “The concept of quality “fast food” in creating the daily image is very popular among Americans with an average income, says the co — owner of Dry go Natalia Suchkova. — Processes are fully standardized — rapid styling on any length of hair one price”. The school is located next to the food court.