The first pancake: the national team of Russia lost to Costa Rica at the stadium “Krasnodar”

KRASNODAR, October 9 — R-Sport Ildar Satdanov. Russian football team on Sunday lost to the team of Costa Rica in a friendly match, the first in the history of the new stadium of FC Krasnodar.

The meeting ended with the score 4:3 in favor of the Costa Ricans. In the Russian team scored a double Artem Dzyuba (48th and 61st minutes), another goal was scored by Alexander Samedov (31). Among the distinguished guests of Randall Asofeyfa (22) and Bryan Ruiz (29), another ball into his own net cut captain of the Russian team Vasily Berezutsky (45+2). The winning goal from a penalty scored by striker of Costa Ricans Joel Cambell (90+2).

The stadium is gorgeous, but still without the 2018 world Cup

On the eve of the match, the President and owner of “Krasnodar” Sergey Galitsky took journalists on a tour of the new arena, in which he stated that he was honored to open the stadium with a match of Russian national team. The players and the head coach of a national team Stanislav Cherchesov did not hide the admiration of the object.

“Great impressions from the stadium, it is clear that people (Sergey Galitsky) are all made with the soul, it remains only to show good football in this stadium,” said Samedov.

Russia’s goalkeeper Soslan Dzhanaev passes the ball into his own net in a friendly match between the national teams of Russia and Costa Rica

Arena is really gorgeous. Outside is a strict, no-nonsense and pretentious design solutions monolith, covered with Italian travertine stone. The arena is already stuck to the unofficial name, the Colosseum. But the Prince asked not to compare a stadium with a sight of Rome.

“It is strange that modern stadiums are built utilitarian. Now building, not paying attention to aesthetics. Our stadium compared to the Coliseum, but we have more differences than similarities with this greatest structure. A lot of stadiums have been realized for birds, helicopters, top view. It was crucial for us to close our stadium being inside the viewer a strong emotional charge,” said the owner of “Krasnodar”.

The bowl is just as impressive. Emerald lawn combined with stylish color seats (palette from light green to black) and a unique media screen around the perimeter of the roof give a magnificent picture. At this stage you want to return. And Kuban, Krasnodar and guests wondering how such a football town remained without the 2018 world Cup, especially after such a spectacular arena. Could not ask about this in the match day and the Minister of sports of Russia, President of the RFU Vitaly Mutko.

“It’s great that such stadiums. CSKA also built a new stadium and also will not accept the world championship, — said Mutko on the question of the correspondent “R-Sports”. — We will receive a lot of stadiums, but the question of the concept. In one region, one city, we came from that. I have always supported the city of Krasnodar, believe that this is a football region. But the stadium “Krasnodar” holds 34 thousand people, and for the 2018 world Cup need 45 thousand to build. It is a completely different story.”

“The main thing is that here football is not dying. Capacity 34 thousand is normal, decent. Nothing can be done, the concept of the 2018 world Cup has already been approved”, — concluded the Minister.

Fatal three goals

In the opening three minutes of the match in the arena “Krasnodar”, guests rolled the ball into center field. In the end Samedov managed to Rob the Central defender of Costa Ricans and cause a strike on goal, which led to the corner. Following a free kick from distance struck Berezutski — the goalkeeper of real Madrid keylor Navas was alert. Soon it was the turn of goalkeeper Soslan dzhanaeva to rescue his team with two strikes from close range.

Players of Costa Rica celebrate the victory over the national team of Russia on football

Before the match the field was generously poured, and the players repeatedly slipped out of the blue. The result is that one of these falls led to a goal in gate of Russians. Igor Smolnikov lost the ball on the sideline that picked up guests. A quick pass on Azofeifa that powerful shot “stitched” hands dzhanaeva — 1:0. Seven minutes later the guests doubled the advantage, this time the goalkeeper capitulated after hitting Ruiz from the center of the box.

Flaws in defense, the Russian players tried to neutralize the pressure on the opponent’s half of the field. As a result, on 31 minutes, they managed to requite one ball. However, Samedov, who scored with his head, almost finished the game Navas landed on his leg in the forehead. Fortunately, the Russians midfielder was able to continue the match. Before the break the Russians missed for the third time: after a lumbago from flank, the ball landed in the Berezutsky, and Dzhanaev has not coped with the unexpected blow in a near corner — 1:3.

Double Dziuba is not saved from “two” cherchesova

During the break in cherchesova seem to have a serious talk with the team. At least in the second half, the Russians played with renewed energy, dangerous moments, and with them, the goals have not kept itself waiting. Already in the 48th minute of the film have used the exact cross Novel Zobnina and touch struck the gate of the goalkeeper of real Madrid and the national team of Costa Rica. The game went on a collision course, and every threat the moment the stadium, filled almost to overflowing, exploding with a deafening roar.

Dzyuba was not going to stop there, at the 61st minute with a header scored twice — 3:3! Soon the applause and the approving roar of the opponents appeared Yeltsin Tejeda’s mother, who liked the sound of the name of the first President of Russia. Tejeda dangerous moments are not memorable, and overall the game to the end of the meeting calmed down.

At the end of the match the stadium began to chant “we Need a goal! We need a goal!”. The mantra of the fans were heard, but not the football team of Russia. In stoppage time Berezutski brought down in the box by Campbell, who converted the spot-kick set the final score 4:3 in favor of the Costa Ricans. For this defeat the football team of Russia has received a failing grade from Cherchesov.

“Great stadium, great atmosphere. We had ripped the game. At this level from the first to the 90th minute you have to play all the time. We have work to do. For what we got back in the game and fought for the win, good score. For the result summary and the individual miscalculation put “two” for the team. The opponent individually strong players, and they realize their potential”, — said Cherchesov.

In turn, the Minister of sports of Russia Mutko believes that one should not be upset because of the defeat.

“I want to thank the fans of Kuban for how ill. Such an atmosphere should be. She was beautiful. As for the game, we are becoming, so that upset is not necessary. It is a sport. Must understand that there are moments like this, when at the last minute to get a penalty. Overall, the game was very interesting. Costa Rica is a very decent team, they were in the top eight at the last world Cup,” said Mutko.

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