The UN security Council did not accept the Russian version of the resolution on Syria

The UN security Council has not adopted the Russian resolution on Syria, reports Reuters.

The Russian version of the resolution in support of agreements between Moscow and Washington on Syria September 9, received only four votes out of nine needed. Two members of the security Council abstained, and nine voted against the veto power to apply it was not necessary, the Agency said. Thus, neither put to a vote in the security Council resolutions had not been adopted.

Earlier it was discussed the French draft resolution, which was supported by 11 member countries of the security Council. However, Russia, being a permanent member of the security Council, used its veto. As explained in the foreign Ministry, the text of the French resolution “flagrantly distorted the reality of the situation, wore politicized, imbalanced and one-sided character.”

Russia vetoes resolution on Syria for the fifth time. The previous four times the Russian position was supported by China, this time, however, Beijing abstained from voting.