The day of silence occurs before elections to the Lithuanian Parliament

VILNIUS, 8 Mar – RIA Novosti. Day of silence before the parliamentary elections begins in Lithuania. Campaigning is prohibited from 01.00 (same as GMT).

The election law prohibited election campaigning and political advertising in mass media, posters with political advertising, located less than 50 meters from polling stations, should be removed.

Parliamentary elections in Lithuania will take place on Sunday. Polling stations will operate from 07.00 to 20.00.

To take part in the voting have the right to all Lithuanian citizens over 18 years of age, except for recognized incompetent by a court. According to the Central electoral Commission in Lithuania was more than 2,504 million voters. Even more 13 thousand citizens having the right to participate in voting, live abroad.

In the struggle for 141 parliamentary seat in the parliamentary elections attended by 12 parties, two blocks and 26 independent candidates. The country has a mixed electoral system: 71 members are elected in single-mandate constituencies and 70 — in the multi-member. Elections in single-mandate constituencies will be held on October 16. The deputies are elected for four years. To enter Parliament, parties must receive at least 5% of votes, the coalition needs to overcome the 7 percent barrier.

Experts believe that the main intrigue of the elections is the question of whether the ruling Social democratic party to retain majority in the Sejm.