Russia vetoed the UN security Council on the French resolution on Syria

The UN security Council meeting, September 2016

Russia vetoed the UN security Council on a draft resolution on Syria submitted by France, Reuters reports.

Speaking at the meeting, the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that no one voted in the UN security Council draft resolutions will not be accepted. He called the vote on the two resolutions on Syria, “one of the strangest scenes” in the history of the UN security Council, reports “RIA Novosti”.

In the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry, published on the official page in Facebook said that the text of the resolution “flagrantly distorted the reality of the situation, wore politicized, imbalanced and one-sided character.” Moscow claims that the project the blame for the escalation of the conflict in Syria was the responsibility of the authorities.

“This was done in a blatant attempt by prohibiting flights of aircraft in the area of Aleppo, to provide cover to terrorists of “Jabhat EN-Nusra” [a terrorist organization banned in Russia] and fused them militants, despite the commitments of member States of the UN to deal with the terrorist threat by all available means”, — is spoken in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry also States that “the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo was provoked artificially, when in August and September, the militants refused to let humanitarian convoys and threatened to open fire on them”. However, Moscow said “its firm commitment to finding a lasting political solution to the Syrian conflict” and regretted the failed attempts at settlement of the Syrian conflict.

At the same time, the UN security Council did not accept the Russian version of the resolution on Syria, reports Reuters. The project offered all parties to implement the Russian-American agreement, which was reached on 9 September. The Russian text received only four votes in support, 9 countries voted against and two abstentions.

The Russian resolution was proposed the withdrawal of the militants “Jabhat EN-Nusra” from the Eastern part of Aleppo. The text also requested the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon “to provide the Security Council with a detailed plan of implementation” of the initiative “in collaboration with stakeholders with the aim of approval” by the security Council.

Earlier, French President Francois Hollande warned about the consequences that would arise in the event of failure of the resolution prepared by Paris.

“The country which will veto this resolution, will be discredited in the eyes of the world. She will be responsible for continuing atrocities”, — cited the words of Hollande, Le Figaro newspaper.

The resolution, which was read by Reuters had offered to create the possibility of control over the truce with the UN. Paris also called for “further measures” in case of failure of the ceasefire “by any of the parties involved in the internal Syrian conflict.” In addition, in the project there were calls addressed to Russia and the United States, “ensure an immediate cessation of hostilities, starting from Aleppo, and to this end all military flights over the city.”

However, the fact that Russia will veto the French text, Vitaly Churkin made clear on Friday, 7 October. In his opinion, “the real motive is to provoke a veto from Russia”.

The Agency reports that this is the fifth time Russia vetoed a resolution on Syria. The previous four times, Moscow’s position was supported by China, but China abstained from the vote. Only the French draft resolution voted on 11 of the 15 members of the security Council.