No Windows, no doors: how not to be defrauded investors

MOSCOW, 07 Oct — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. To approach the question of the purchase of housing under construction, especially in a crisis, it is necessary especially carefully. Developers offer to purchase the housing at the stage of excavation, and thereby to save much. But here lies the main danger. Participants shared construction risk being left with nothing.

The Builder may run out of money or other problems, the house recognize the protracted and investors defrauded real estate investors. Recent authorities are ready to help not always, especially if incorrectly prepared documents, and there are “gray” schemes, in which unscrupulous developers can draw potential home owners.

From shared construction there are a number of obvious advantages. First, low prices – lower than “secondary” or ready – made buildings- about 20%. Such housing is “clean” legally and more attractive from the point of view of individual redevelopment. The construction of a residential house

However, there are risks, the most common delay of construction time, that is, the risk of protracted. And if the developer is a cheater, he’ll do the double sale of the same apartment.

To protect buyers of uncompleted property Moskomstroyinvest has released an updated “memo holders” — with all the changes made to the legislation in the summer of 2016, the Main thing, specify in the office — apartment must be sold under Federal law 214 (214-FZ) concerning relations between the developer and the investor – shareholders. This is a basic law in the joint construction, regulating the responsibility of the Builder for quality construction and delays.

To enter into kindergarten

In the Contract of participation in shared construction should be clearly spelled out definition of a particular object of shared construction, the time of transmission of the developer object, the contract price, terms and procedure of its payment, warranty period for the object. As well as a way of ensuring the developer’s obligations under the contract.How to enter POS

In Mostostroenie emphasize: to pay for the apartment investor needs only after getting on hand registered in Management of Federal registration service across Moscow Treaty. The equity contract you need to sign only with the developer. To participate in the joint construction through the housing construction cooperative (ZHSK). Most importantly, that he had the rights of the developer.

To check out the developer

The developer is recommended to “break through” to the maximum. First, his website needs to be published all information on its activities. He must provide all of the founding documents of the Builder, the certificate of state registration and about statement on the account in tax authority, the accounting statements for the last 3 years and audit report for the last year.

You need to require it and the entire package of documents: the documents confirming the right developer for the land plot; building permit; feasibility study of project; project documentation with all amendments; conclusion of the state expertise on the project.

Finally, the developer must be on the list of running for 214-F3. The list of developers, reporting to Moskomstroyinvest, the Committee recommended to watch here.What is the danger of “gray” schemes

The white list?

However, the reality is that no list — not a panacea. So, in Moscow and the Moscow region, according to the portal the expectations of shareholders did not meet the 16 developers. At the top of the list of troubled housing complexes, deadlines which have moved by more than a year the LCD “Tsaritsyno” and residential complex “Tsaritsyno-2”. The participant of share building construction site in Tsaritsyno told RIA Novosti: the keys to the apartment she had to give in 2014 – according to the agreement, which was concluded in strict accordance with the 2014-FL. But the things are there.

The authorities promise: construction of residential complex “Tsaritsyno”, recognised by the unfinished, will complete the new contractor. But the affected interest holders of the residential complex assure that the contractor is changing every six months, but it was no use. Interestingly, the developer of this LCD OAO “Moskovskiy Kombinat KHLEBOPRODUKTOV” (HIC) the last few years, regularly gave reports to the Moskomstroyinvest. He surrendered it and in the 2nd quarter of 2016.LCD Tsaritsyno

Box without communication

“Every six months we get letters from HIC about the postponement of the date for six months, but no movement of people on the site just yet. Now do something around the body and try to create the appearance of the construction works. Inside not done anything”, — told Arina (name changed).

“I’m afraid to introduce myself to a member of our initiative group has already beaten, and I have two children” she explained.

The case is, in the words of a sharer, where her family had to move two years ago, is essentially a box without communications and glazing. And seven people on a construction site huge LCD mimic violent activity.

What are the contractor who finally completed the building, and Arina, and about 20 thousand holders Tsaritsyno believe hardly.

“With the contractor enter into a contract, it proceeds to construction work, but the money he did not pay it in a week or two packing up and just leaving. We have strayed from the account, how many contractors there has changed,” she said.

Affected buyers of apartments are sure guilty of receiving kickbacks unscrupulous officials.

Someone with whom to share

In Moskomstroyinvest declare that in the event of bankruptcy of the developer, the investors can submit their claims to the Builder for refund, damages, transfer of premises in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings instituted by the Arbitral Tribunal. Arina mostostroitel to the weight of the claims. According to her, even to seek from the Committee for inclusion in the list of defrauded investors in practice is very difficult. All-Russia protest action of shareholders

“Victim of the developer LCD “Tsaritsyno” — 18 thousand people, and the list cheated somehow made only 50. There impossible to get, as they (Inkomstroyservis) carp literally to the decimal point. People just can not stand, spit and cease to go there,” she says.

According to the victim, in Committee I speak plainly, so that you will be defrauded real estate investors – you still will get nothing from it.

“This body is simply not needed. His functions he does not perform, and only mock at people. And gets kickbacks from the Builder that he did not touch them – concluded the interest holders LCD “Tsaritsyno”.

Anyway, apartments in unfinished residential complex “tsarina’s” sell now. “This is the largest in Moscow residential complex comfort class 26 houses and 9”, — informs the official site of the unfinished, and the eyes of visitors to corn Intrusive banner on the special “reduced only in September” prices. The picture, however, includes photographs of unfinished buildings without Windows and doors.