In St. Petersburg will honor the memory of the crew of the sunken 30 years ago, the submarine “K-219”

St. PETERSBURG, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. A memorial service for four fallen sailors of the nuclear submarine “K-219” sank in 1986, will be held on Saturday in St. Petersburg, reports the St. Petersburg club of submariners and veterans of the Navy.

Nuclear submarine “K-219” sank in the explosion in the missile silo 6 October 1986, North-East of Bermuda. Four people were killed.

“At noon, October 8, at the funeral service in St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral will commemorate submariners who died in 1986 on a Soviet nuclear submarine missile cruiser of strategic purpose “K-219″ sank in the accident off the coast of the USA”, — stated in the message of the club.

In accordance with tradition, a memorial plaque with the names of the victims gathered by the crew of “K-219”, their friends and family, as well as those who participated in the rescue.

3 October 1986 on Board who was on patrol “K-219” under the command of captain 2 rank Igor Britanov explosion in the missile silo, caused a fire and killed three sailors. The crew did everything possible to prevent the explosion of a nuclear ammunition and nuclear accident, but to save the ship the sailors could not. The last victim of the submarine became a sailor Sergei Preminin manually have muted the nuclear power plant. The submarine sank on 6 October at 11:03 at a depth of 5650 metres in the Sargasso sea, and the surviving members of the crew were brought aboard the rescue to the scene of the accident vessels “Krasnogvardeysk” and “Anatoly Vasiliev”.