In an air strike on a funeral ceremony in Yemen killed 82 people

The death toll in an attack the military-air forces of the coalition headed by Saudi Arabia in the funeral procession in Yemen has reached 82 people, reports Reuters with reference to the acting Minister of health Ghazi Ismail.

According to him, 534 people were injured varying degrees of severity. The Minister noted that the number of victims will grow.

The incident occurred in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, during the funeral of a senior member of the rebels-Houthis.

Currently, the capital of Yemen is under the control of rebels-Houthis. In 2015 their position in the attacking air force of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which is on the side of the government. Armed conflict itself is from 2014.

According to the UN, in March of 2015 in Yemen killed more than 6.6 thousand people (mostly civilians) and more than 80% of its population needs humanitarian aid, said Al Jazeera.