The US has accused Russia of cyber attacks on the democratic party

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

The administration of US President Barack Obama has formally accused the Russian authorities of hacker attacks on the Democratic party, according to Reuters.

“We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity [hacking] attempts that only the most high-ranking Russian officials could authorize these actions”, — reads the statement of the Department of homeland security and office of the Director of national intelligence.

The objectives of these “theft and disclosure”, the statement said, “interference in the election process in the United States.”

Such actions, they said, “are not new for Moscow” (quoted by NBC News). “Russia used such tactics and technique before in Europe and Eurasia, for example, in order to influence public opinion there,” — said in a statement.

As Reuters notes, the prosecution “coincided with growing tensions between Washington and Moscow on a number of international issues.”

Scandal cyber attacks on the Democratic party of the United States erupted in the summer of 2016. The first of the break-ins concerned a national party Committee, which on July 22, WikiLeaks released the emails and documents related to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They had discovered the conspiracy of the employees against the former member of the presidential race, Bernie Sanders, which led to the resignation of party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Following the cyber attack was aimed at fundraising Committee that supports candidates for the U.S. Congress from the democratic party, and the third at the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the American media after that, a number of materials in which a cyberattack was connected with Russia. Representatives Democrats also blamed the hacks on Russia — in particular, Clinton said that her party server hacked by Russian special services.

In an interview with Bloomberg in September, President Vladimir Putin said that allegations of Russian involvement in hacking attacks not true. According to him, cybercriminals often disguise “their activities with the activities of any other kind of hackers from other areas, from other countries.”