The “Sovremennik” theatre presented the first premiere of the season

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. Moscow Sovremennik theatre, has just opened its 61 season, is ready to present first premiere: this is a modern version of the play of the Russian classic Alexander Ostrovsky’s “Late love” as interpreted by Director Yegor Peregudova, co-author of which were made by the artist Maria Tregubov reported in the theater.

The premiere will take place on 7 October on the stage of Palace on Yauza, where the theatre moved at the time of repair of his home on Clean ponds.

With the idea of taking the play “Late love” Russian classic turned Director Yegor Peregudov, who has already staged several performances in the “contemporary”, including the play of Ostrovsky “warm heart”.

Nebanalnoe proposed Director of vision for the future of the show became artistic Director Galina Volchek determining factor in the decision to take this most famous work of the playwright.

The Director defined the genre of the play as “scenes from the life of the sticks”. It is not a common story but rather a parable. And for the creators at the center of the story, narrated by the author, is the question — what price willing to pay people for what he considers the only true. What is the price of his choice? Is he ready to sacrifice? Is it possible to compromise on principles, when at stake is the life — your own or another person? This is a play about a woman’s heart, longing to be loved, and how important it is to properly use your chance to be happy.

Starring actress Alyona Babenko, who is well-known not only for theatre but also for her numerous roles in movies.

“The first time I meet Ostrovsky in the work. No simple matter to master the text by this author. It is interesting to “wander” on the text and look for other accents, other accents, other logic, which can be heard today,” said the actress before the premiere.

Heroine’s father Marmeladov plays a famous actor Vasily Mishchenko, who said that the theme of fathers and children are always relevant and he’s personally familiar.

“The role of easy lay down on my inner world today. I also have a daughter, and it concerns my character, I can relate to. Material Ostrovsky allows me to share my thoughts and feelings on this subject with the audience”, — said the actor.

Mishchenko noted that this is his second work with Director Egor by Peregudova — he played in his play “Hot heart” and hopes that perhaps there will be a third co-production.