The head of VTB told about the reaction of bankers on possible new sanctions against Russia

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti/Prime. Bankers and financiers of the world have a negative attitude to the possible introduction of new sanctions against Russia, said the TV channel “Russia 24” the head of VTB group Andrey Kostin.

“If we talk about the attitude of bankers, financiers, it, of course, very negative not only to possible new sanctions, but to those already imposed against Russia,” said Kostin, who attended the meeting of the International monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington.

“In General, the adverse geopolitical situation that exists today, many perceive one of the causes of slow economic growth. Of course, the political issues, including the relationship between the West and Russia would also contribute to improved economic stability in the world”, — said the head of VTB.

The Ombudsman informed the government of Germany for German-Russian intersocietal cooperation and Germany’s chairmanship in the OSCE, member of the Bundestag Gernot Erler said that the idea to impose sanctions on Russia because of its involvement in the conflict in Syria is already there. The head of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs Elmar Brok later called for tougher sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in the Syrian Aleppo.

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said Friday that sanctions against Russia will be extended, if in the coming months will fail the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.