Deputy mayor of London: art is above political disputes, it unites the city

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. Culture is “a powerful tool”, which brings together global cities that have more in common than the Federal government, said Justine Simons, Deputy mayor of London for culture and creative industries.

“Yesterday I had an interview for the radio and asked me whether I have any problems due to the fact that I arrived in Moscow. It was easy to answer this question, because all global cities have gathered here for the culture: this is not a political issues, not a political network. Cities have much more in common than the Federal governments,” said Simons during an open discussion in the fields of cultural summit in Moscow.

She stressed that cities have something to share. “We are here primarily because of the culture, for culture, because we are concerned about the ability to change our city’s culture, it is quite clear our shared mission,” she said, adding that culture is “very powerful tool”.

“All these days we were discussing that, of course, on the geopolitical level the relationships can be very complicated, but we here in Moscow, we are talking about culture, about friendship, about trust, about creating joint projects, and really in our hands a very powerful tool”, — concluded the Deputy mayor of London.

Consultant Advisor for culture and sport of Madrid, Ana Mendez de Andes, in turn, noted that the forum “is very interesting just due to the fact that he’s not talking about the global level of communication between countries on local level, about what people close.” “I think it is a really powerful approach, a very powerful type of thinking,” she said.