“VympelCom” has decided to give the service network outsourcing

Cell tower

Three bidders for two lots

“VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) is conducting a closed tender for selection of the company which will be outsourced to service all cellular networks and broadband Internet access across the country, told RBC source in “VympelCom”. According to him, the tender involved three manufacturer of telecommunications equipment: Nokia, Huawei and ZTE, the results of the contest will be summarized at the end of October. The winner will be in the next five years to operate and to build networks. In “VympelCom” expects to conclude for the whole period of contract cost of 37.5 billion rubles, while the cost of maintenance for the old model, the company with the involvement of contractors for maintenance of the networks, estimated at 44 billion rubles, told RBC source.

According to him, in addition to willingness to perform the contract at the declared price of the contest participants will be judged on one criterion — quality technical equipment. The contract will involve the transfer of 16% of employees (3.5 thousand people, based on data for the first half of 2016) “VympelCom” on work in the company — tender winner. During the year, they should keep their jobs, working conditions and wages.

“VimpelCom” did not answer the questions of RBC on the tender, saying only that now operate and develop communication networks in most regions for outsourcing. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve this model with the involvement of international experience from partners,” — said the press-Secretary of “VimpelCom” Anna Aybasheva.

ZTE confirmed that participated in the tender. Nokia said that “always involved in tenders to which I invite the company,” but specifically about the competition, VimpelCom refused to talk. Huawei said that “the participation in all major tenders of “VimpelCom”. The source of RBC in the company, which is ready to join the project as a subcontractor, said that the tender is divided into two lots on a geographic basis.

PJSC “VimpelCom” provides services in the Russian mobile and fixed telephony, broadband Internet access etc. revenue for the second quarter 56,54 billion by 30 June, the operator was servicing 57.4 million mobile subscribers, took 23% of the Russian market, according to AC&M (that of its main competitors, MTS and MegaFon, was 31% and 30%, respectively). 100% of “VimpelCom” belongs to VimpelCom Ltd, a company registered in Bermuda with its headquarters in Amsterdam. The main shareholder of VimpelCom is LetterOne Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev.

The General Director of Agency “TMT Consulting” Konstantin Ankilov noted that the transfer service network outsourcing base station and other infrastructure remains the property of operator, partner transmit technical support, monitoring networks, Troubleshooting, connection of subscribers to the broadband service (cable laying to the apartment, a contract).

VimpelCom initially set a condition that the tender is open only to suppliers of equipment, which application was unable to file one of the current partners of the company to service its networks NUBS (until recently “envizhn Business Salyushns”, ABS).

Previous outsourcing “VimpelCom”

“VympelCom” in 2012, has outsourced the servicing of its mobile network in the Central Federal district, the company Nokia Siemens Networks (now Nokia), in the Volga and far Eastern — Huawei, Siberia and the Urals — Ericsson. In a project with Huawei subcontractor for operation and connection to the broadband access (BBA) of “VimpelCom” was ABS. The company has signed with the operator the contract for extended maintenance of broadband access networks in the Ural, Siberian, North-Western, Central, South, and Moscow regions for five years. In the ABS crossed the 2.5 million employees of “VimpelCom”. In 2015 the owner of NVision Group, which included ABS, MTS became the main competitor “VympelCom”. A little later, ABS was sold a regional Internet service provider of “Green point” (after which the ABS and changed the name to NUBS).

According to a source RBC in “VimpelCom”, the contract with NUBS “kept on personal contacts ex-CEO operator Mikhail Slobodin”. In early September, the Russian Investigative Committee has announced the top-Manager’s wanted list on criminal case about bribery to officials of the Komi Republic, which could give the company “T Plus” (formerly “IES holding” Michael Slobodin was his head in 2003-2010).

Managing Director of “Green dot” Sergey Kostelanetz said that he did not have any personal relations with Mikhail slobodnim that the company has won the previous tender, as “proposed a new concept of relations aimed at increasing the share of “VimpelCom” on the fixed-line market”.

The struggle for quality

Thus, according to the businessman, the current tender “VympelCom” conducts the first service of the mobile network. “The winner can get additional advantages for your willingness to serve the broadband access network, but this is optional. As far as I know, VimpelCom does not want to lose us as a partner”, — says Sergey Kostelanetz. He added that the current contract companies have special mechanisms of unilateral withdrawal of any of the parties, but the details are not specified.

Among the Russian operators “VympelCom” the most ambitious projects on the transmission network support services to outsource. MTS last year renewed a five-year contract until 2020 with Nokia service networks in 16 regions of the Central Federal district (except Moscow and Moscow region). Due to this, the operator reduces the operating costs for the maintenance of these networks by 20%. “For us, a very important issue in the quality of support networks, we have established strict KPI, tightening them in 2015. Talking about speed upgrades of network elements, recovering in case of emergency situations, scheduled work, optimization of the individual elements. In addition, MTS receives additional discounts for other projects with Nokia for the supply of equipment and services”, — said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov.

“MegaFon” is served by their network alone. Why the company did not explain. Sergey Kostelanetz calls a complicated question, whether the work is outsourced, network better. “Quality improves as the contractor put forward more stringent requirements. For example, an employee of the company can be fined on 500 roubles for the mistake, a third party company in the amount of ten times more. But it is important that for a company that does outsourcing, it was core business,” — says the head of the “Green dots”. General Director Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov considers that often the partners of the operator correct the issue faster than he is. According to Kuskov, from participating in the tender of “VimpelCom” major Telecom equipment manufacturers have the opportunity to create in Russia the branched out network of service points and to include an impressive state. However he admits some confusion the first time after the conclusion of the contract.