The Maronite Archbishop of Aleppo urged not to consider President Assad’s the devil

ROME, 5 Oct – RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. Rome-based Archbishop of the Maronite Catholic Church in Aleppo Joseph Tobei urged not to consider the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad and the devil does not rest solely on him all the responsibility for the acute crisis in Syria.

“I don’t see Assad as the devil. We used to in Syria lived well, this was a rich mosaic with moderate and open Islam. Now we live in the company of death. In Aleppo, a city with a history of 10 thousand years, ever lived 4 million people – about a third of that number. The city was destroyed stronger than Hiroshima. Churches are no more. For five years we get electricity only two hours a day. Terrorists interrupted the water supply in the Western part of the city where I live. In Aleppo is not enough of everything, including bread and medicines”, — said the Maronite Archbishop, speaking Wednesday at a meeting with members of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs in the Italian Parliament.

“We have good relations with the Syrian authorities, Assad is the elected President. Someone accused us that we sold out to the authorities. But why do I have to impose the idea that Assad is a devil? For the rebels the conviction are few. But terrorists have a good relationship with the Turks. I saw the terrorists of ISIS (the terrorist group “Islamic state” banned in Russia), kindly talked with the Turkish military. In addition, there are foreign, Saudi Wahhabis who use Islam to incite war,” added Him.

In the opinion of the Church hierarchy in Syria is not a civil war and not a revolution. “We are talking about a third world war by proxy. We have become the plaything of the great powers,” he said.

“I’m not a politician, I’m a man of the Church. However, I believe that the US make a mistake when trying to impose its model of democracy. It seems to me a dictatorship, when you arrogantly declare that the elected President is no good. What happened to Iraq after Saddam Hussein?” — asked the Archbishop.

Tobei said that ending the armed conflict in Syria requires two conditions: to stop the supply of weapons and block the flow of terrorists entering the country via Turkey and Jordan. As for temporary ceasefires, the Archbishop of Aleppo stated that they usually used by the warring parties for a breather, after which fighting resumed with renewed vigor. “A truce would be useful only in the case if there was the will for a genuine movement towards peace,” he said.

“I appeal to the world: enough war, enough death, enough blood! Syrians are not pawns in a chess game. It is immoral and unfair to arrange dark deeds at the expense of ordinary people,” concluded Him.

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