The Ambassador of France in Russia, told what’s the proper wine to pancakes with caviar

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. The French Ambassador to Moscow Jean-Maurice Ripert told what wine is best suited to traditional Russian pancakes with caviar.

In the course of communication through the social network Facebook French diplomat was asked what kind of wine he prefers. Ripert noted that the issue caused him difficulty, as it is necessary to consider to what dish will be served with a drink.

“If you have the dishes are pancakes with caviar, then I suggest you get a white wine Pouilly-fumé (Pouille-Fumé), if it’s foie Gras, then there are more suitable dessert wine Sauternes (Sauternes). Oysters need to drink Burgundy wine Chablis (Shablis), and if you have a cheese souffle, a white wine from the French region Jura (Jura). If you have dishes based on cheese, Savoyard wines (Vins de Savoie). And dessert — a sweet wine or champagne, only genuine French”, — said the Ambassador.