Media: in Kiev expect that the West will “twist arms” to Poroshenko

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. In the administration of the President of Ukraine and the foreign Ministry expects that the West will increase pressure on Kiev, according to the online edition citing a high-ranking Ukrainian officials.

“The West will put pressure on us. We will twist arms. In the US I want to leave a positive legacy. So now Nuland flew to Moscow. We will have to push in the coming weeks, forcing a frankly unacceptable to us decisions on the road map (in Donbas – ed.)”, — said the source.

Disputes are mainly because of the wording of the plan to resolve the conflict and precedence, the article says. Washington is convinced Ukraine to accept Russian changes to the plan that require from Kiev first political steps.

The sources in the Ukrainian foreign Ministry and the presidential administration reported that in September at the UN General Assembly Vice-President Joe Biden has urged Poroshenko to make concessions. Poroshenko refused, citing the risk of instability in the country.

In Kiev believe that the coming weeks could be decisive. “No, we do not merge. But we must be able to withstand the next two weeks. Perhaps to put pressure on Ukraine will begin to open,” — said the source publication.

Wednesday, October 5, in Moscow took place the meeting of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and the assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland. The parties agreed to increase pressure on Kiev and noted that the proposals of Ukraine on political settlement of claims do not correspond to the Minsk agreements, RIA Novosti familiar with the meeting, political analyst Alexei Chesnakov.

The implementation of the Minsk agreements