Khinshtein is willing to discuss a plea agreement with the “Echo of Moscow”

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. Alexander Hinstein has told RIA Novosti about the readiness to discuss a plea agreement with the “Echo of Moscow” on the claim on 1 million roubles on protection of honor and dignity, which he filed jointly with the granddaughter of the first head of the KGB Ivan Serov.

The reason for the trial was the statements of the historian Boris Sokolov in the air of “Echo” in the “Dilettante” of 14 July in which he criticized the memoirs of the first head of the KGB, “Notes from a suitcase”.

According to the lawsuit, “throughout the program, the falcons categorically argues that the published memoirs and diaries of Serov are fake, fabricated their editor Alexander Khinshtein to rehabilitate “the executioner” Serov”.

“We are ready to discuss with representatives of the radio station options pre-trial agreement. I, as a professional journalist, believe me, no desire to plead with their colleagues. And before you go to court, I sent a formal petition addressed to mister Venediktova, outlining exactly all the arguments that were then the basis for the claim. The response to this appeal I have not received,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Hinstein, a preliminary hearing on the suit will be held on Thursday in the Presnensky district court. He said that one of the requirements of the claim is the removal of transcripts and audio recordings of the transmissions from the website of “Echo” as untrue.

Earlier, the chief editor of “Echo” Alexei Venediktov said RIA Novosti that since the falcons played live, then, according to the media law, the radio station of responsibility for the statements of his guest is not. Khinshtein said that the media is not responsible for the widespread through the account only in the case when we are talking about officials or official reports, but the falcons official is not. “Therefore, the claim against the two defendants to Sokolov and to “echo of Moscow”. The lead program we have no complaints”, — he added.

Khinshtein said that he was calling from “Echo of Moscow” and was invited to the ether, but he considered it illogical to prove something that is not falsified memoir. The source also surprised by the position of a station which, in his opinion, brings all the essence of the dispute “to attempt translation of this situation into some political plane”.

“My claim, as set out in the statement of claim, lies in the fact that I publicly and publicly announced at falsification, that is, that I faked a non-existent memoirs of a real historical person and published them under his name. What I did not do what I demand it. Yes, I edited these memoirs, but all my editing was to ensure that I or structured them smashed on the heads or cut, removed any duplicates or something that seemed to me not very interesting for the General reader, but in this text there was not one comma, not one attached to me the words,” — said Khinshtein.