Died the first President of Slovakia Michal Kovac

On 87-m to year of life has died the first President of Slovakia Michal Kovac. About this newspaper Pravda, citing the press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Slovakia.

The publication says that Kovacs died of heart failure at the hospital of St. Michael in Bratislava, where he was hospitalized on Friday, September 30. On Monday, his condition stabilized for a while, but the next day the situation worsened, and the doctors hooked up the ex-President to the ventilator. During the year Kovac, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, repeatedly came to the hospital.

Michal Kovac was born on 5 August 1930. After the “velvet revolution” of 1989 Kovacs was the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic. In 1993 he became the first President of an independent Slovakia. This post he held until 1998.