Speaker of the Chechen Parliament elected the Hero of Russia, Magomed Daudov

IVAN, Oct 4 – RIA Novosti. Elected Chechen Parliament at the first meeting on Tuesday, unanimously endorsed the candidacy of 36-year-old Hero of Russia Magomed Daudov in the position of speaker of the regional legislative Assembly of the IV convocation.

On Sunday in Grozny hosted the regional conference of the Chechen branch of “United Russia”, which was nominated Daudova for the position of speaker approved it in a secret ballot.

On Tuesday for the candidate Daudova was voted by all present in the courtroom deputies — 39.

Daudov already has experience in legislative activities. In the summer of 2015 he was elected speaker of the previous Parliament after the deceased as a result of the disease Dukuvakhi Abdurakhmanov. Prior to this he 3 years headed the administration of the head and government of Chechnya.

Eighteenth September in Chechnya were held early elections to the Parliament of the region, involving four political parties. 41 the mandate was claimed by 208 people. The Parliament passed three parties: United Russia, which won 37 seats, and “Fair Russia” and the Communist party. The fourth participant of the election race, “Patriots of Russia” — from 1.34% of votes in the Parliament failed.

The powers of the Parliament of the previous convocation was over in 2018, but in June of this year, the chamber announced the dissolution to combine new elections with a single voting day in Russia on September 18.