SF is willing to consider the suspension of the agreement with the United States on plutonium 12 Oct

MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Federation Council may consider the bill on the suspension by Russia of the agreement on the disposal of plutonium at the meeting on 12 October that the state Duma will have time by the time make that “very likely,” said RIA Novosti member of the Committee on international Affairs Igor Morozov.

President Vladimir Putin on the eve in the state Duma introduced a bill on the suspension agreement with the US on plutonium disposition. However, Moscow may resume its execution in case of reduction of military infrastructure and contingent of American troops in NATO countries and the abolition of the Magnitsky act, says the document.

“I do not exclude that the state Duma will be able to make it this week three readings, it is very likely that the objections to the bill, no state Duma and the Federation Council. We are ready to consider it quickly to approve at a meeting on 12 October,” said the Senator.

Morozov stressed that the law on the suspension of the agreement on plutonium need to be taken “as soon as possible”.

“This issue has long been discussed and appeared in the agenda yesterday. The foreign Minister and the defense Ministry previously expressed a position on this issue, we and the state Duma have information and understanding,” — said the MP.

He noted that the current situation, when Russia, in accordance with the agreements weapons-grade plutonium was processed, and only the United States has stockpiled and created a nuclear imbalance.

The agreement between Moscow and Washington will start parties with 2018 conversion of the plutonium into forms unusable for nuclear warheads, by “burning” in nuclear reactors. Each side was planned to dispose of 34 tons of weapons-grade plutonium.

Russia has created the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of the agreements, the U.S. did not. Washington plans to not “burn” the plutonium and mix it with other materials and placed in a radioactive waste repository. Earlier Vladimir Putin said that thanks to this option, States would retain return potential, that is, plutonium can be extracted, processed and again converted into material suitable for nuclear warheads.

Between a rock and a hard place