Philippine President advised Obama to “go to hell”

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, speaking in the capital, Manila, has again defended its policy on combating drug addicts and invited President Barack Obama to “go to hell” because the administration of the American leader criticizes the approach of the Philippine President to the problem of fighting drug addiction, reports Reuters.

This is not the first dramatic statement of the President of the Philippines addressed to Barack Obama and the European Union. In late September, he also sent the EU “to hell”, commenting on the resolution of the Parliament of the Union condemning the methods of its fight against drug trafficking in the country. At the ASEAN summit in September Duterte was supposed to meet with Obama. However, before the summit the head of the Philippines called the American leader “son of a bitch”, in this connection, the meeting was postponed. Later Duterte expressed regret in connection with his statement.

Now Duterte said that Washington should support the Philippines in the fight against drug abuse. Instead, the US and the EU have criticized the measures. “Instead of helping us, the first shot did the State Department. So you can go to hell, Mr. Obama, you can go to hell,” said Duterte. He also expressed his opinion, the EU “it is better to choose purgatory”, because “hell is already full”.

In a speech in Manila, Duterte also reminded that the United States refused to sell arms to the Philippines. However, the head of state assured that he doesn’t care, because China and Russia have assured him that they can do it. “If you [the United States] don’t want to sell us weapons, I will return to Russia. I sent generals there and Moscow said, “don’t worry, we have everything you need, and we will provide you with,” — said Duterte. He also said that the steps which he is taking now, is the reformation of its foreign policy. “In fact, I could at the time to break with America,” — said the leader of the Philippines. Reuters said that it’s unclear what Duterte under this meant.

Reuters has reported that UN experts accused the government of the Philippines is 900 extrajudicial killings of drug dealers. The Agency was told that in three months that Duterte is in his office, in the country killed more than 3,100 people.

A few days ago Duterte compared their intentions to combat drug trafficking in the country with the actions of Adolf Hitler. He said he “would be happy to kill” three million drug addicts in the Philippines, like Hitler, who killed millions of Jews. This caused a sharp condemnation from the Jewish community.

The representative of the international Jewish group based in the United States, said that “comparing drug addicts and traffickers to the victims of the Holocaust is unacceptable and deeply offensive”. The German foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the Philippines after the incident. Duterte later apologized for his words.