Park reshuffles: why again changed the Director of Gorky Park

The main entrance to the Gorky Park

Without the Vikings

In the Moscow Park sector have been personnel changes. Elena Dunaeva, who headed the Central Park of culture and leisure. Gorky just a year ago, in September 2015, has left his post. Her place was taken by Marina Lyulchuk previously led the joint Directorate “Mosgorpark”, which aims to coordinate the activities of the parks of culture and rest, Moscow (in total it has about 100 city parks). Both head Moorpark ” was the ex-Director of Victory Park Vyacheslav Dunaev. Information on relevant assignments appeared on the official website of the Department of culture of Moscow.

“We do not take any of the Vikings from the outside, and based on the footage we have,” — said the head of culture Department Alexander Kibovsky said at a press conference on Monday, 3 October.

The reason for her leaving Elena Dunaeva called the proposal for new work. “After much thought, I have decided to accept this offer after the expiry of the contract in Gorky Park,” she commented RBC, expressing hope that the work done by her and her predecessors — Sergey Kapkova and Olga Zakharova, “will allow the new Director to successfully continue the development of the Park for the benefit of Muscovites and keep the status as the best Park of Moscow and Russia”.

In an interview with radio station “Business FM” Marina Lyulchuk assured that the new office will continue the implementation of previously planned projects, “because we planned everything together, given that “Over” in charge of parks of the city that relate to the Department culture.” We are talking about the concept of the state program of Moscow “Development of recreation and tourism in 2012-2018”, adopted by the former head of the Department of culture Sergei Kapkova.

In the Department of culture at the request of RBK not answered. Vyacheslav Dunayev, declined to comment.

How to grow Gorky Park

In March 2011, when Director Park was appointed Sergei Kapkov, began large-scale reconstruction, the entrance to the Park was free. According to the approved master plan for the reconstruction of Gorky Park and Neskuchny garden will be carried out until 2018. Total improvement cost previously estimated at $2 billion.

Due to the Park’s own income in 2016 it was planned to carry out landscaping and planting of the Pushkinskaya embankment (307.4 mln RUB), overhaul Golitsyn pond (91.4 million RUB).

Attendance the combined territories of Gorky Park (includes “Muzeon”, Gorky Park, Neskuchny garden and Vorobyovy Gory) in the first half of 2016, compared to the same period in 2015, increased by 20%, to 13.5 million people.

Official statements of Park is not published, however, informed the management of the Park stated that it is self-sustaining. In an interview to “Kommersant” Zakharov said that the Park broke even in 2013. In 2011, its revenue totalled 135 million roubles, in 2012-m — already 343 million rubles, and in 2014-m 755 million RUB In 2012 in the structure of expenditures of the Park 74% fell on the share of budget funds, and 26 percent on its own. In 2014, the ratio was 54 and 46%, respectively.

Expectations best

Interviewed by RBC managers of parks spoke about the staffing changes positively, although they were not discussed. “Then our opinion is not taken into account when the rearrangements were done. It is the parent. They can see better what to do”, — told RBC Director of Park “Fili” Rasul hubiev, adding that decisions will be taken probably for the best.

The Director of the Museum-estate “Tsaritsyno” Elizabeth Fokin described the Marina Lyulchuk as “very professional person”. “Over the past few years, Lyulchuk imposed standards of work, Moscow parks. She is able to effectively develop and implement the strategy for the development of parks,” said Fokina.

Alena Solovieva, representative of the Museum “Garage”, which operates on the territory of Gorky Park, does not expect any changes in the activities of the Museum in respect of the new leadership. Similarly, she said, did not affect the work of the Museum and the arrival of Elena Tuneaway a year ago. “We always find a common language with the management of the Park,” — said Solovyov.

The previous Director — Zakharov first, then Tynaeva was competent, but they had completely different management style, says the General Director of a network of cinemas “the pioneer” Mary Nazari, what for it was necessary on new to establish relationships with each.” “With Marina, Lyulchuk we already have a working relationship, we know each other,” adds Nazari.

Past trends

However, the appointment of Lyulchuk as the head of Gorky Park is, according to bureaucratic logic, a fall, says the source RBC, close to the Moscow Department of culture. Lyulchuk, was appointed head of the “Molocharka” in 2013 Sergey Kapkova, who created a special structure for the management and development of Metropolitan parks. For three years, “Moorpark” failed to create uniform standards for the development and operation of parks within the rigid administrative vertical, resembles the source of RBC. According to him, now in the city government decided to gradually abandon such network institutions, as “Tomorrow”, because the main Park area able to develop autonomously. That is why, says the source, such a strong and experienced Manager like Luluk decided to move to Gorky Park.

During the work Tynaeva was unable to rally the team, who collected yet Zakharova, the source said RBC. The conflict became public that didn’t like the heads at city hall. “Besides, when Tuneaway failed Park projects that have proved themselves well: for example, this year time has not been dismantled the rink, but on this account there are strict rules associated with the criteria of littered territory,” — says the interlocutor of RBC.

Not like the officials of the Department of culture and scandal because of the incident, which happened in early may of this year, he said. Then walking in Gorky Park locomotive ran on a six year old child. As has told the senior assistant to the head of the Moscow Department of the TFR Yulia Ivanova, the victim was diagnosed with open craniocerebral trauma, fracture of the orbit of the eyes and fractures of vault and base of the skull. In fact the incident a criminal case under article 238 of the criminal code (Fulfillment of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence heavy harm to health juvenile”).

“Obviously, the results of the work of the former leadership Gorky Park [Elena Tuneaway. — RBC] not satisfied with the head of the Department of culture [Alexander Kibovsky]. In Moscow, in my opinion, Gorky Park and VDNKH are institutions that should be the drivers of the urban environment, but in the case of Gorky Park this isn’t happening: the Park no longer capture global trends and lost its eventfulness” — agrees Olga Zakharova, head of the Gorky Park in 2011-2015, and now managing Director of ADG Group.