MCHS will engage in a exercise civil defense 40 million people

Employees of the EMERCOM of Russia during doctrines, 2015

Exercise for 40 million citizens

On Tuesday, October 4, will start the training for civil defense (GO), which should cover all regions of Russia. As told RBC in the press service of the emergencies Ministry, the training will last three days and will end on 7 October. According to official information, this is the most ambitious exercise GO in recent years: it will be attended by more than 40 million people, more than 200 thousand specialists of emergency rescue teams, as well as about 50 thousand units.

Training is held annually in the first half of October, said the press service of the emergencies Ministry, but publicly on more than 40 million participants among the population of the States for the first time. In addition to lifeguards in training will be attended by the employees of budget institutions and enterprises, employees of strategic enterprises and employees of the objects of economic activity”, a source told RBC in the Ministry. We are talking about large private companies, including in the mining sector (oil and gas) adds another source of RBC in the Ministry.

The press service of “Rosneft”, “Gazprom” and “Bashneft” at the time of writing not responded to the RBC. The representatives of LUKOIL and Tatneft are unable to respond promptly to the questions.

Furthermore, explained in the MOE, the training will involve pupils of schools and students that teach the Basics of life safety (life safety); in this case, instructors will be teachers.

Employees of Federal departments, heads of regions and local authorities will also check on the fundamentals of civil defense, noted in the MOE. Will be involved in training rescue military formations of the Ministry of emergency situations, divisions of paramilitary mine rescue units and the State inspection on small size vessels, division of the State fire service and rescue aircraft.

Working out of civil defence will participate and the so-called non-professional emergency rescue teams. “It’s including trained rescue skills of ordinary citizens,” — said the source of RBC in the MOE.

That will train

As explained in the MOE, will develop the interaction of different structures: rescue workers, police, education, health. “How will they use the notification system will decide the regional authorities. But in a working condition it is planned to bring all the alarms, including the siren,” — said the interlocutor of RBC.

Rescuers plan to work out the action of evacuation, the results of the PPE and the deployment of the sanitary washing items. In addition, the readiness will be given defenses — primarily air-RAID shelters. In Moscow and big cities shelters are often underground station. The plans include actions on liquidation of consequences of various types of emergencies both natural and manmade.

Moscow train public utilities

In Moscow, the training bases will begin at 6 am, told RBC in the press service of the EMERCOM in Moscow: the alarm will rise as rescuers and employees of municipal services, in particular employees of Mosvodokanal. 9 am challenges for the utilities will put the Deputy mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov, who oversees housing and utilities and landscaping. “After that the schools will be open lessons, and in parts of the fire will begin the days of open doors”, — said the press service of the emergency Department.

The interlocutor of RBC in the Department, however, doubts that the practice will use the declared number of participants. “I don’t understand, where did the figure of 40 million people,” — said the source. According to him, there are difficulties with the implementation of the law “On civil defense”, under which passes the all-Russian training. It is unclear, in particular, the number of persons subject to training, how and where they can obtain personal protective equipment: someone said the source, maybe take them to the municipalities, and someone may just take them home and use them when needed. “But awareness about the fact that someone is entitled to do under the law “On civil defence”, at a very low level”, — said the source.

Training on the background of rumors

Large-scale exercises of the Ministry of emergency situations will take place against the background of rumors about the imminent resignation of the head of Department Vladimir Puchkov and the disbandment of the Ministry. Vladimir Puchkov, head of EMERCOM after the resignation of Sergei Shoigu in the spring of 2012. Running Shoigu, the Ministry was in 1994. That the speaker may dismiss, in early September, citing unnamed sources said “the New newspaper”. According to interlocutors of the edition, among the reasons for the impending personnel decisions — a systematic understatement of the area of forest fires, the death of the rescue team at the mine “North” in the Komi Republic, the crash of Il-76 taking off on a fire near Irkutsk, and also the death of the head of EMERCOM in the Primorsky territory during the recent floods.

On 29 August, Primorsky Krai the Typhoon hit, which came from the Japanese sea. Due to heavy rains in 13 districts rescuers have introduced a state of emergency. In some localities there was a collapse of soil, some of the roads were flooded. MOE evacuated residents of several districts of Primorye.

With the participation of Timothy Dzyadko