Dvorkovich told Russia’s role in global technology development

KYOTO (Japan), 2 Jun — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. Russia plans to support the development of new technology markets and to contribute to the global development of technologies, said on Sunday in the Japanese city of Kyoto Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

“Russia has considerable scientific and technical potential and plans to encourage the development of new markets and contribute to global technology development”, — said the Deputy Prime Minister, speaking at the international forum “Science and technology in society.”

In fact, it is about creating new markets with a capacity in the hundreds of billions of dollars, he said. “New products and services can completely change the way we think about such traditional sectors as transportation, energy, medicine,” — said Dvorkovich.

According to the Vice Premier, with this aim, Russia has started implementation of the national technology initiative (NTI), announced by President Vladimir Putin. The initiative includes the consolidation of efforts of state institutions and business for the development of new markets and technological trends, can have a significant effect on the development of the global economy and society, said Dvorkovich.

“The initiative is not only a platform for technology development. In the working groups intensively discussed the impact of innovative technical solutions for society, suggests adjustments to legislation on the one hand to give way to new technologies, and on the other to ensure their safe use,” he said.

“Many areas of STI have become technological reality. Now formed a standards pilot projects. I’m primarily talking about the various unmanned vehicle systems, grid networks in the energy sector, some technologies personalized medicine” — said Dvorkovich.

The corporate sector, he said, “already felt the future economic benefits from their use, and actively promoting such technology.”