Carrera spirit not inspired: “Zenith” has again beaten “Spartak”

St. PETERSBURG, 2 Sep — R-Sport, Taras Barabash. Players Sankt-Petersburg “Zenith” house beat Moscow “Spartak” in the Central match of the ninth round of the championship of Russia — 4:2.

The winners of the goals scored by Domenico criscito (20 min, penalty), Artem Dzyuba (33), Axel Witsel (61) and Giuliano (87, penalty). Among the distinguished guests Salvatore bocchetti (28) and ze Luis (37). Spartak with 19 points occupies the first place in the Russian championship, ahead of “Zenith” on additional indicators.

Before the match head coach of “Spartacus” Massimo Carrera visited the Museum to feel the spirit of Spartacus, but to convey it to my players, apparently, and failed. In recognition of the Italian, his players were confused after Zenit scored the third goal. Left no questions asked and decisions of the referee of the match Sergei Ivanov: two penalties in gate of visitors – claim “Spartak” number one, no red card from Domenico criscito for the actions on the field, claim number two.

Moscow “artists” in the city on the Neva

The day of the match in St. Petersburg fans of “Spartacus” distinguished long before the beginning of the meeting: graffiti depicting longtime fan of “Zenit” people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky and injured midfielder Danny had been vandalized. Boyarsky, for example, dyed scarf in red and white colors and attributed the quote in the address “Zenith”, which Mikhail Gorbachev would never say. By the beginning of the match creation visiting “artists” was destroyed, but left an unpleasant aftertaste.

Fans of “Zenit” before the game, replied with a colorful performance: a huge banner they celebrated the 110th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century, Dmitry Shostakovich. And fans of the Moscow club goes, the two fans in clothes with symbolics “Spartaka” was detained on the basis of applications of citizens of St. Petersburg. “R-Sport” said the representative of city police at the stadium “Petrovsky”, which participated in the arrest.

Shortly before that, another fan of “Spartak”, who behaved violently and aggressively, took stands in the room. Those who did make it to guest sectors for several minutes sang an obscene “charges” against former striker Artem Dzuba. They did not know that their former idol scored by “Spartak” in the third match for Zenit in a row.

Italian debut and another ball Dziuba

At the end of the first half Andrey Yeshchenko, playing tackle, played in penal “Spartaka” hand. The ball went Domenico criscito. This season, the Italian became a full-time penalty man “Zenit”. He scored on a kick — the ball hit the post flew into the goal — 1:0. “Spartak” answered with a goal of his Italian defender, but the goal was… the goalkeeper Yuri Lodygin: after hitting Quincy of Promesa from the free-kick he volleyball spiked the ball in front of him and bocchetti played on the rebound – 1:1.

On 33 minutes came the turn of the headlights: after a cross from Robert Mak from the left flank and the striker tapped the ball and from outside the box brought the ball into the goal his namesake Dynamo – 2:1. But “Spartak” has again found the strength to win — ze Luis, preview all in the air, equalized his crown strike – 2:2.

Carrera is dissatisfied with refereeing

The winning goal in gate “Spartaka” has once again organized a Axel Witsel. Juliano skillfully played with another free kick, this led to the fact that the Belgian was in front of the gate Rebrov and not make a blunder – 3:2. And then the guests flinch.

“We played to the score of 3:2, then nervous. When not taken advantage of scoring chances, then a little “down”. Wanted we rolled a little faster to the ball, created chances. Played against the great, strong team,” — says the Carrera reporters after the match.

Before decoupling the fan Virazh delayed so beloved by many in St. Petersburg, a song about waiting for years “Spartak” of the next championship. “Red-white” have sought to turn the game around, with perseverance going forward, but all attacks broke upon the protection of owners. In this cool evening even defender Luis Neto was on top and in one of the episodes has rescued “Zenith” from an inevitable goal.

In the end Ivanov awarded a penalty in gate of visitors, realizing that Juliano drew a line under the defeat of “Spartacus” – 4:2. On Carrera after the match was hard to watch. He couldn’t stop a couple of critical arrows at the address of arbitrators.

“The refereeing is different, today it was against us, when something happens in our favor. Played with a strong team, the strongest in the League. We couldn’t take advantage of scoring chances, we should work on this,” said Carrera, the TV channel “Our Football”. Communication of Italian journalists was short-lived, as the Director of the Department of public relations of “Spartak” Leonid Trachtenberg hastily took the coach after several replicas.

One of the main creators of the victory over the “red-white” Dziuba, after the match was again a Declaration of love to “to Zenith” and has criticized his former club. “A terrific feeling. Emotions are amazing, there are no forces won such a battle. “Spartak” — well done, but we are stronger. A very important match, all fighting with redoubled energy. There is justice here on earth. I will always fight against them with a warm heart, and never forgive them certain things,” said forward channel “Our Football”.

“The film constantly beating elbows”

Main Zenit coach Mircea Lucescu’s post-match press conference beamed with happiness. First, he spoke about that before the game asked Lodygina to hit the ball in front of you and to the side, and also promised to change the mindset of a goalkeeper. Then the Romanian expert stressed that, in his opinion, today the reality is that Zenit must beat Spartak in every match.

The General Director “Zenith” Maxim Mitrofanov called the victory “Zenith” fair and stressed that the owners also have questions about officiating. “When you hold Giuliano for Mike, when Dzyuba constantly beating with elbows from the top, it’s wrong. If the players of “Spartacus” and they are protected from the deletes… I don’t know. It’s not really fair. Otherwise he (Smith) was given to play, let me fight. Was wrong in two sides,” Mitrofanov told reporters.

Caused issues and the work of the assistant referee Sergei Suhoverhov from Voronezh, which sometimes did not seem to notice violations of the rules against Spartak at his eyebrows. In General, we have to admit that the players in the match was worked at a higher level than those who have to keep the game thread in their hands. In particular, some time after the meeting on the official website of “Spartacus” was published an article with the headline “Fatal error” and text: “judge not.”

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