Volkswagen will pay $1.2 billion compensation to dealers in the United States for “deselect”

German automaker Volkswagen AG announced its intention to pay $1.2 billion to its dealers in the United States as compensation for the settlement of the oil companies associated with violations of concern environmental standards, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The representatives of the group said at a court hearing in San Francisco on Friday, September 30. On average, every dealer, whose business has suffered because of the scandal, will receive $1.85 million This amount will cover the costs of the businessmen who were associated with the inability to realize the machines and reputation losses.

In September 2015 the American authorities have accused Volkswagen of falsification of data about exhaust gases produced by diesel vehicles. Worldwide fraud were identified in 11 million cars, of which 600 thousand are from the USA.

In June, the Volkswagen group has agreed to pay $15 billion for pre-trial settlement of claims from car owners in the US and state governments. Another $1.2 billion, the company has agreed to pay U.S. dealers to cover their losses.

In late September, investors demanded that the German car manufacturer to pay approximately €8.2 billion to compensate for losses incurred when the decline in the value of shares of the company after allegations of data manipulation on the exhaust.