Igor Shuvalov: in 2017 it is expected a record number of mortgage borrowers

SOCHI, October 1 — RIA Novosti/Prime. First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov expects a record number of borrowers on the mortgage in 2017, the authorities should respond to this request.

“There are expert estimates that with the lowering of the key rate, in particular in the framework of the forum many talked about the bet, and not only the key rate and the final rate for borrowers, in 2017, we expect that we will have a record number of borrowers on the mortgage. And we need to respond to the request provided by the new platforms under construction. Otherwise we are all will result in a higher price”, — said Shuvalov.

According to the Agency for housing mortgage insurance, the volume of mortgage loans in Russia in January-July of 2016 has increased compared to the same period last year by 40% to approximately 775 billion rubles.

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that Russian banks in 2015 issued nearly 700 thousand mortgage loans for a total amount of 1.16 trillion rubles, which is half less than in 2014 (1,76 trillion rubles.)