The state Department rejected the existence of a threat in the words about possible terrorist attacks in Russia

The official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby said in his words about possible terrorist attacks in Russia in the aggravation of the situation in Syria was not a threat. He stated this at a regular press briefing.

“I didn’t threaten anyone. It was the facts. And these facts are not new. The question was, what could be the consequences for non — compliance with agreements,” said Kirby, responding to a reporter’s question, whether contained in his statement of the threat.

“The consequences are: more war, more bloodshed,” — said the representative of the state Department. He added that he “saw the claim that (he) was trying to incite terrorism,” and that, in his opinion “completely contrived”.

Kirby’s statement about possible terrorist attacks in Russian cities came on the eve of on a daily press briefing. The journalist asked him to name specific consequences for Russia if the situation in Syria is resolved, and the agreement will not be executed.

“The consequences are that the civil war in Syria, extremists and extremist groups will continue to use the power vacuum that exists in Syria to expand their operations, which will include, of course, the attacks on Russian interests, perhaps even on the Russian cities. And Russia continues to send troops home in body bags for the bodies, and they [the Russians] will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft,” — said Kirby.

In response to this statement the official representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova said that “such ventriloquism” “more like a command “FAS” (for terrorists) than on the review diplomat.

The words Kirby responded in the Kremlin. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the statement of the representative of the state Department is “quite clumsy”.