The driver of the train that crashed into a platform in new Jersey, was discharged from the hospital

MOSCOW, 30 Sep — RIA Novosti. The driver of the train that crashed in new Jersey, was discharged from the hospital, reports the associated Press.

On Thursday morning the train 1614, coming from spring Valley (new York), ran into the platform at the train station in Hoboken, new Jersey. As a result of collision one person was killed and over 100 injured.

Earlier it was reported that the driver is in critical condition, but is cooperating with the investigation. According to local media, talking about Thomas Gallaher, which started to drive trains 18 years ago.

It was also established the identity of the victim incident: 34 year old Fabiola de better the UNDC (Fabiola Bittar de Kroon) was a passenger train and died while on the platform.

The representative of the national office of transport safety of the USA (NTSB) stated that the agencies will conduct the investigation at the scene seven to ten days. She said that one of the recorders in the back of the composition can be extracted as early as Thursday evening. Access to the second device in the cab is complicated due to the collapse of the roof.