The U.S. Congress did not allow “closure” of the government on the eve of elections

WASHINGTON, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday night endorsed the decision to extend funding of the government until December 9, to avoid blocking its work.

Earlier Wednesday, a similar decision was taken by the Senate in connection with the approaching end of the current fiscal year on September 30. The budget for 2017 has not been approved by Congress, so in case if the decision on the extension of funding would not be adopted, the Federal state institution of the country would be left without funds.

The bill takes into account some of the requirements of the democratic minority in Congress, including $ 1.1 billion to fight the virus, Zeke and $ 500 million for elimination of consequences of floods in Louisiana. Also, the Democrats have agreed with Republicans about the future support of the city of flint, Michigan, is discovered in the local water supply lead led to a national scandal.

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill. The budget shall become law until the evening of 30 September, the end of the financial year, otherwise the Federal government will go unfunded. However, the budget bargaining in the current year was not of the intensity that in 2013, when the Federal government worked intermittently for 2.5 weeks. The previous budget crisis had a negative impact on the popularity of both parties — Republicans and Democrats. None of the parties does not want to antagonize voters budget disputes and inconvenience from the closure of Federal agencies on the eve of elections. Thus, it is likely disputes will be put on hold until after the vote.

The eighth of November, Americans will elect a President, the entire house of representatives, a third of the Senate, more than 20 governors and hundreds more elected officials.